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Mothers Day Frugal Gift Ideas for College Students

By HWA | Publish On: May 10, 2014 | Posted In:

Mothers Day is coming up fast and have you guys thought of the best gift that you can give to your mom? The gift that you want to give to your mom, it doesn’t need to be a costly gift. Anyone who has money can buy a costly gift. Even you can gift your mom one of the costliest gifts and it doesn’t have to be bought with tons of cash. All you need is to express your love towards that one person who has been doing her best to set everything right in your life.

Gift ideas for this Mother’s Day

Here are some frugal gift ideas for your mom for this Mother’s Day.

Photo frame: You can easily make a photo frame with the things available at your home. All you are few twigs, glue, a cardboard sheet and a plastic sheet that can protect the photograph from getting dirty. You can glue the twigs to an old photo frame that is already there lying down at your home. Add a photo that your mom always loved. Be it your childhood pic or her wedding pic, etc.

Twig Photo frame
Photo Frame – Mothers day gift ideas


Handmade Greeting Card: Your mom will appreciate and actually love a handmade greeting card. It doesn’t need to be a fancy one, just a regular greeting card with a handwritten message about how good she is and most importantly thank her for being there and a good ol’ “I Love You, Mom” is always good.

Greeting card – Hand made


A Good book: If you can really afford for a gift, gift your mom a good book. A present or a greeting card or a bouquet can wither away, but a good book can stay as long as it takes. In fact, a good book can be the best friend. So, think about what your mom might like and gift her a good book.

Breakfast in bed: On Mother’s Day, wake up early and make that special breakfast in bed for your mom. Your mom will definitely love it. But, be careful not to spill coffee or bread crumbs in bed. Get a bed table or just improvise. Of course, you need to properly clean up after the breakfast is finished.

Breakfast in Bed for Mom
Breakfast in bed – Gift Ideas


Do the laundry and chores: For a change, do the laundry and chores in the house for the entire week. She’ll definitely love the idea and can get some rest from that hard work. And more over she deserves this gift more than anything else.

Teens Doing Chores
Teens doing chores and laundry –


Write a poem: If you want to do something creative, then perhaps write a poem for her. You don’t need to be a Shakespeare or John Milton to do the trick. Just write what you feel about your mom and her contribution towards your life. And at the end, from deep down inside your heart, say that you love her.

Take your mom to her mother’s gravesite: The way you feel for your mother, your mother will feel the same with your grandmother. So, take your mom to your grandmother’s gravesite and let her remember her mom on this Mother’s Day.

These are some of the frugal Mother’s Day gift ideas. Come up with some creative gift ideas for your mom and make her feel very special for the day. We hope you, your mother and your entire family has a great Mother’s Day ahead.

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