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7 Best Apps for Free and Instant Maths Help

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Albert Einstein once said “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” With the onset of the new era, technology has significantly produced a booming effect everywhere around. It has not only made our work easier but has given learning new opportunities and changes. As for example, in the 21st century we even have an easy to download mobile applications which can help us to solve mathematical problems in a complete effortless manner.

Children often had to go through painstaking and brainstorming process when they were not able to solve certain mathematical problems given in homework. Mathematics has always been stereotyped as one of the most difficult subjects which takes a long time,  effort and patience but the current student population are very much thankful to the excellent app developers who came up with this much needed out of the box idea powering education further to a higher level.

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Why math apps are more convenient?

  • Math application have gained certain popularity due to multiple factors and one of the most significant factors are that its cheap and affordable as compared to private tuition teacher mostly because with growing advancement, almost everyone today have access to smartphones which can be used to easily access and download math apps . 
  • It helps in easy learning through gamification of mathematical exercises and solving of a particular math sum which gives reward in form of points and coins like any other video game. Therefore it caters or attracts student attention and students even have fun while solving these mathematical problems as it’s more like a game.
  • Math app gives immediate feedback and instructions to the student which is more like an immediate guidance given to a student by a teacher in the classroom  .
  • Also, it’s portable and can be carried away to distant places. Therefore it’s better than a private teacher who might take a leave or holiday but these applications are your all time math teacher which can be accessed just by one touch.

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7 Best Math Apps for Easy Learning 

Math Tricks:

It is counted  amongst the most popular math applications which teaches you the basics like multiplication tables and can teach you advance mathematical problems too. The main purpose of this application is to teach you certain basic mathematical tricks which can make your calculations easy and fast. It also has an additional feature of friend list like facebook in which you can add your other friends who are already using this app to show them your skills.

Math Expert: 

This app not only provides formula for math but also provides formulas for physics. This app can solve simple problems and along with it they can also solve complex parabola too. 

Photo math:

This math app is also known as “camera calculator “as one can easily solve their mathematical problems because the app enables camera to recognise mathematical equation and then it further displays step by step solution for the same. This has advanced handwriting recognition or text recognition software within it which further facilitates in solving simple to complex mathematical equations magically.

GMAT Math Flashcards

This math app helps us to learn GMAT formulas with the help of free flashcards and also enables its students to practise daily to improve scores.

Komodo Math:

This math app is developed by the experts for the young students and their families so that it can build a strong and a solid foundation for the students who are aged from 5 years to 11 years. It specifically focuses on the development and mastering of arithmetic and mental math with the help of a strong practise and assignments on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, percentages and many other factors.

Khan Academy:

This application describes itself as a “global academy” as it is developed for the students of all ages. This app can also be accessed easily free of cost and has a very adaptive technology. This also has videos for a better understanding which are created by experts or specialists.

The math and science tutor app:

This application is developed similarly as the khan academy app which reviews and teaches math along with science. Students here can learn lessons, solve math exercises and worksheets and can share the same with their friends. Additionally this app also provides Java Programming course for the interested students

Along with these seven different applications for math, we also have some other applications which are: Prodigy, Buzzmath, Rocket math, Operation math, Math app-Vedic math tricks etc. Therefore if any child is struggling with math, guardian should motivate them with the help of these multiple applications which ensures welcomes learning with a pleasant and satisfying process.

Therefore the development of these math applications has not only been an easy to go affordable option for most parents but has also been a firsthand choice for most of the students as it has helped and guided them majorly in solving most of their tricky holiday homework. It has also assisted them to learn various formulas too as it can be accessed anywhere and they do not necessarily require internet connection for every activity. 

Someone rightly said that multimedia brings life to learning and this can be best seen through these applications which can be easily downloaded.  These apps have an increased popularity majorly because we can have learning with the help of videos, animations, movies, games etc. which helps children to understand and revise classroom topics. These videos and animations are very much a reliable source as they are created by well-read and educated people who are mostly scholars or experts. Technology has cleared the way for easy interaction of the mathematical problems with those who are solving them. Therefore the evolution and invention of these applications are one of the best examples of “technology empowering education”. This development has definitely boomed education and has made learning a completely fun filled experience for most of the students. 

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