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7 Best Android Apps for College Students in 2020

By hwa_cognate | Publish On: August 13, 2020 | Posted In:

Student life means you have to learn to get the most out of the limited resources you have. Of all the resources you have, your smartphone is one of the most versatile resources. So, it’s very crucial to utilize it in the most efficient way possible and make the best out of it. Whether it’s writing assignments or preparing for exams, smartphones come in handy. If you are using an android phone, here are the best apps that will help in learning during your college.

best android apps for college students

7 Must-Have Android Apps for College Students

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft’s OneNote is the ultimate digital notebook and you can easily manage those huge chunks of notes from classes and organize them in subsections. In addition to that, you can share them with your peers and can import pictures and annotate them with a built-in set of tools. It also has other utilities ideal for student’s needs like cross-platform sync, audio inputs, adding clippings, and much more.

Google’s Productivity Suite

It will be another addition to your digital arsenal, especially if you regularly collaborate with your fellow colleagues. All of Google’s Productivity Suite is free and seamlessly sync across each other so that you can effortlessly move data across.

Whether it’s a presentation or noting down your tasks for the day, Google has an app for each of them such as Google Docs, Google Keep, Google Sheets, and more.


As a student, you will be having a lot of pending tasks. TickTick is a task management app which comes with a host of tools that enable you to plan all your work without any hassles. You can build notes, sub-tasks to individual entries lists for specific purposes, and even collaborate with others.


On the one hand, smartphones can assist you in reaching your goals quicker, but on the other hand they can also be a significant distraction if you’re not careful. Forest is a free app that helps you focus on what’s important. It allows you to put your phone down by employing a gamified timer. For every moment you spend away from your phone, the app will grow a seed. If the rules are broken, the plant will die, if you don’t, it will blossom and score you a few points. After getting enough points, you can invest those in Forest itself and the team behind Forest will plant a sapling in real life.

7 best android apps for college students


Brainly is a very useful app where you can pick strangers’ brains to solve your homework and projects. The process for submission is quite easy. There is a chance that someone has already asked the same question; thanks to Brainly’s active audience. There is also an extensive search option if you’d like to look up particular queries. You can chat with individual users to discuss a topic further or befriend them for later.

iStudiez Pro

Students have numerous projects, assignments, and classes. To make a schedule and make the situation more bearable, you need iStudiez Pro. It is a planner app that allows you to keep tabs on all your agendas for today and later. It has dedicated tabs for inputting assignments, timetables, exams, and more. In addition to that, you can overview everything through a sophisticated calendar view and even divide the data based on subjects as well as semesters. It is a cross-platform app which can sync with your computer.

Education apps

The Play Store has a multitude of apps where you can acquire a new skill or polish existing ones. Platforms like Coursera will help you take professional courses and earn certifications once you’ve passed. Whenever you have spare time, you can enroll in classes for alternative career options as well. Udemy, Khan Academy, and Duolingo are some of the platforms where you can enroll.

Downloading these apps on your phone will definitely help you live a more organized and efficient college life. If you want to know more about how to be more organized and write your assignments properly, visit for more tips. offers the best assignment help in the industry at affordable prices.

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