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How to Write Health Promotion Essays?

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Health promotions normally involve prevention of diseases and promoting better life choices. Nursing students all across the globe need to write health promotion essays for proposing better health for individuals or communities. Be it combating childhood obesity or reducing the habit of smoking, health promotion nursing essays normally cover a large area of interest as far as the nursing courses are concerned. 

Health promotion essays in nursing not only talk about the choices of food in the life of a certain population or individual but rather they shed light on overall healthy life choices in terms of exercise, nutrition, and general well-being. Drastic social changes leading to harmful domestic lives impact the physical and mental health of many people around the world. That is why nursing homework pertaining to health promotion has become very popular in various international universities. 

health promotion essay

If you need help with your health promotion nursing essay then you can check out our Nursing Assignment Help page. is the number #1 nursing assignment help service provider and we will assist and guide to write a top quality health promotion essay. In the meanwhile check-out our tips for writing a health promotion essay in nursing. 

Tips to Write Top Quality Health Promotion Essay

Define your Health Problem 

In order to write a good health promotion essay you need to identify a major health problem that is affecting a community in general or a specific population. The health problem should be related to either social behavior, food habits, or any kind of habit that affects the population under consideration.  Health problems normally take a holistic view into a matter and do not focus on a narrowed down specific issue. This is a major difference between a health promotion essay and an evidence-based research. Health promotion essays normally tend to address some major health issues like in the form of obesity or smoking or drug abuse or degradation of mental health. It normally does not point out to any particular medical condition. 

Obesity and mental health issues of children are something which most of the current health promotion essays tend to address. Side effects of smoking, drinking, and drug abuse are also major areas to work on, as far as this health promotion essays are concerned. Health promotion essays also tend to address life choices, social habits, and daily behavioral pattern of a community or a certain portion of the population. Anything causing mental stress or long term bad effect on the health of the people can be addressed via such health promotion essays in nursing. 

Determine your Population 

Like any proper nursing research report it is vital that you define the specific population that you are aiming your health promotion towards. Demonstrate proper understanding of the problem and how it is affecting the target population. For instance, if you are talking about the impact of  social media addiction on mental health you should properly define which age group or demographic you are focusing on. The lack of understanding of your target population will dilute the impact of your health promotion essay. 

Depending on your target population your narrative needs to change. Whilst writing your health promotion essay you need to keep in mind that health issues can be prevented and delayed with proper intervention. That is why it is very critical that your health promotion essay is convincing enough to trigger some response. This brings us to the next step of writing a nursing health promotion essay.

Check for Existing Policy 

Before making any recommendations regarding the health promotion you need to check whether there is any public policy, supported by the federal government, in place. Just depicting the existing health problem is not the only aspect of the essay. However, you need to look into the economic aspect of the matter and find out what are the measures that the government is taking in order to combat such health problems. Recommending something without acquiring the knowledge about the existing policy in place will make the essay lose its ground. That is why you need to acquire adequate knowledge about the policies in place in order to tackle the problem. 

Make Appropriate Recommendation 

Make sure that your recommendations address the correct audience and it is targeted towards solving specific health problems. Vague recommendations do not help your cause when you are writing a health promotion essay. Your recommendations need to provide both short-term and long-term solutions when it comes to the particular health problem faced by the target population. 

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