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Best Excuses for not doing your Homework

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During school education teachers give a lot of homework. Some are good in doing the homework and some are not. But the common thing is that almost all students, at least once have not done the homework and would have to give some excuses for not completing the homework and not to get into trouble or punishment.  Here are some pleas to get an escape from the punishments. But make sure that don’t  use these excuses many times, otherwise not only your teacher will have a bad impression on you and he or she may look through your lies.

Before using these pleas know whether about teacher that is how credulous he is, is he or she strict or not, whether you are one of the favorite student of the teacher or not, and also about the interest of your teacher.

excuses for homework, pleas for homework
Excuses for not doing homework –

Here are some good pleas to convince your teacher.

My Carry all stolen: Use the enmity among the students as your advantage. No teacher will anticipate you to prepare the assignment on the due date and submit it. Otherwise you can give a missing backpack report to the teacher.

Disturbance in the family: Due to some family issues and internal problems there is a big disturbance in my house and I am not able to concentrate on my studies and did not prepare the assignments. The benefit of this type of excuse is that the teachers never let these types of things to be known to your parents and also you will gain the sympathy of the teacher.

One of my close relatives is in hospital: It is one of the classic excuse. You can tell that one of your close relatives met an accident and he or she needs me with him or her now. So I spent the whole day in the hospital and not able to do. This can have an emotional impact on the teacher and you will gain sympathy from the teacher. But before that make sure that the teacher doesn’t call to your home. If the teacher finds you lying then the he or she might not believe you any more.

By mistake it got wasted: You can say that I have completed the assignment but by mistake the color was slipped from my sister’s hand my entire assignment and effort were waste.

I was really ill yesterday and unable to concentrate on anything: Really I am not at all feeling well at this time. I came to school so that I don’t miss any classes. Teacher will admire your persistence and give you some extra days and also you will gain a very good impression of the teacher.

Need some more help on the topic: You can tell the teacher that you are not able to understand some concepts clearly, so you are not able to write the assignment. You need some more help on the topic.

Computer backed up: You can tell that while I was preparing your assignment on your computer which was an old one, got crashed due to power fluctuation.  and all the work was lost.

Busy in some welfare and extracurricular activities : You can tell that you are doing some welfare activities for the poor people living nearby your house so you are quiet busy in that and didn’t get time to prepare for the assignments.

By mistake brought another identical note book: You can tell that you have completed the assignment but by mistake you brought another book identical to the assignment book.

Tell the truth: This the revolutionary excuse. At the morning you go to the teacher and revel the truth, you may get some time from the teacher.

These are some excuses you can use to convince your teacher and may get some extra time to prepare your homework. But make sure that don’t use these excuses too many times.

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