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Difference between Thesis and Dissertation

By HWA | Publish On: August 10, 2010 | Posted In:

Receiving a Masters or a Doctoral degree is every University student’s dream. This dream is fulfilled by only “lucky few” who have the courage and determination to work hard throughout the education period and obtain the Masters or Doctoral
. In order to obtain a Masters and/or a Doctoral degree, one must cross the final hurdle. That final hurdle is the successful presentation of a Thesis or a Dissertation document.

Many students do not seem to understand the difference between the two. Many a times they are used interchangebly but there is a difference between the two.

  • A PhD Thesis or Dissertation presented, is an original piece of work which the student researches. This research has to be an original and first time ever work. A whole new concept is to be introduced by the student.
  • But, where as in Masters Thesis or a Dissertation, a student has to research on an existing work and should research on the topic and present his findings and his views on the topic. This is the conceptual difference between the two.
  • In most of the North American Universities a thesis isused to in connection with Masters degree and a Dissertation is used in connection with PhD
    or a Doctoral degree.
  • While British Universities use the word Thesis in connection with PhD degree and Dissertation in connection with a Masters degree.
  • About the length of both Thesis and Dissertation, should generally be as follows. A PhD Thesis or Dissertation should generally be more than 300 page document and a Masters Thesis or Dissertation should generally be more than 100 page document.
  • A PhD Thesis or Dissertation is submitted the student is given scholarships by the
    University. There is no such thing for a Masters Thesis or Dissertation.
  • And a Masters Thesis or Dissertation is presented in the partial
    fulfillment of the Degree, there are exams which need to be taken care of. While
    a PhD Degree is submitted in connection with obtaining the PhD degree itself.

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