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5 Popular Python Programs You Must Know

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Python is a general-purpose, interpreted, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its high-level built-in data structures that combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it very attractive for Rapid Application Development as well as for use as a scripting language to connect existing components together. It’s simple and easy to learn syntax emphasizes readability and reduces the cost of program maintenance. It also supports modules and packages that encourage program modularity and code reuse. The Python extensive standard library and interpreter are available in source or binary form without charge for all major platforms and can be freely distributed. Let’s discuss popular Python Programs that every Python programmer must know about.

python programs

If you are a beginner or writing an assignment on Python programming, here 5 Popular Python Programs you must know.

Top 5 Python Programs Every Python Programming Beginner Should Know About

1. “Hello World” Program Using Python

In Python: Defining Main at the start and invoking main at the end important

Write a Python program that uses a for-loop to print Hello World five times

The output should look like:

Hello World

Hello World

Hello World

Hello World

Hello World


Here is code:

def main():

for i in range(0, 5):

print(“Hello World”)



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2. Game of Hangman Using Python Program

Computing Using Python: Write a program that plays the game of hangman. Use characters to print the hangman’s status. Triple-quoted strings will be useful. Hint: draw the entire hangman status as a string picture with a full picture for each partial hangman status.


import random

board = [

‘  +—+   n | | n | n      | n | n | n========= n’,

‘  +—+   n | | n 0 | n      | n | n | n========= n’,

‘  +—+   n | | n 0 | n  | | n | n | n========= n’,

‘  +—+   n | | n 0 | n /|   | n | n | n========= n’,

‘  +—+   n | | n 0 | n /|\  | n | n | n========= n’,

‘  +—+   n | | n 0 | n /|\  | n / | n | n========= n’,

‘  +—+   n | | n 0 | n /|\  | n / \ | n | n========= n’


class Hangman:

        def __init__(self,word):

                self.word = word

                self.missed_letters = []

                self.guessed_letters = []

        def guess(self,letter):

                if letter in self.word and letter not in self.guessed_letters:


                elif letter not in self.word and letter not in self.missed_letters:



                        return False

                return True

        def hangman_over(self):

                return self.hangman_won() or (len(self.missed_letters) == 6)

        def hangman_won(self):

                if ‘_’ not in self.hide_word():

                        return True

                return False

        def hide_word(self):

                rtn =

                for letter in self.word:

                        if letter not in self.guessed_letters:

                                rtn += ‘_’


                                rtn += letter

                return rtn

        def print_game_status(self):

                print board[len(self.missed_letters)]

                print ‘Word: ‘ + self.hide_word()

                print ‘Letters Missed: ‘, 

                for letter in self.missed_letters:

                        print letter, 


                print ‘Letters Guessed: ‘,

                for letter in self.guessed_letters:

                        print letter,


def rand_word():

        bank = [‘the’,‘living’,‘pearl’,‘.com’,‘captain’,‘deadbones’]

        return bank[random.randint(0,len(bank))]

def main():

        game = Hangman(rand_word())

        while not game.hangman_over():


                user_input = raw_input(‘nEnter a letter: ‘)



        if game.hangman_won():

                print ‘nCongratulations! You are the winner of Hangman!’


                print ‘nSorry, you have lost in the game of Hangman…’

                print ‘The word was ‘ + game.word

        print ‘nGoodbye!n’

if __name__ == “__main__”:


3. Planning and Coding a Golf Game in Python


You are to plan and then code a golf game program in Python 3, as described in the following information and sample output. Use simple functions, selection, and repetition. However, it is important to note that you are not to define any of your own classes or use lists or dictionaries.

Program Features:

Ensure that your program has the following features, as demonstrated in the sample output below:

  • a welcome message with your name in it
  • a menu for the user to view the instructions, play the game or quit
  • a play game option (details below)
  • the program is to return to the menu and loop until the user chooses to quit
  • all inputs should be error-checked by the program as demonstrated in the sample output Playing the game:
  • For each swing, the player chooses a club and then the program generates the distance hit for each shot, updating the distance to the hole accordingly. Play proceeds until the ball is in the hole (distance to the hole is zero), and then the program informs the user of their score.
  • The player has three clubs to choose from for each shot. Each club hits the ball a set average distance, but the actual distance randomly varies between 80% and 120% of the average. The clubs and their average distances are:
  • Driver: 100m (actual distance will be a random number between 80 and 120)
  • Iron: 30m
  • Putter: 10m* *When the ball is inside 10m and the putter is used, the shot will be between 80% and 120% of the distance to the hole, not the club’s average distance. The minimum distance the putter can hit is 1m (no 0m hits). All distances are whole numbers.
  • If an invalid club is chosen, this is counted as an air swing and the number of shots increases by one, but the ball doesn’t move.
  • The ball cannot be a negative distance to the hole. Whether it is in front of or behind the hole, it is still a positive distance to the hole. Python has an abs (absolute value) function that you can use to help with this.
  • The score is the number of shots taken to get the ball in the hole. The final output shows the number of shots taken and how this relates to par. Less than 5 (par for this hole) is “under par”, equal to 5 is called “par”, and more than 5 is “over par”. See sample output for exact outputs


Write up the algorithm in pseudocode – first! Please do this in a docstring (comment) at the top of your code file after your name, date and brief program details. Follow the guide to good pseudocode and examples presented in the subject to ensure this is done to a high standard.


4. Tic Tac Toe Game Using Python Programming

Question: Tic tac toe game using python programming language


Program –

“”” block array to store the position “””

block = []

for pos in range (0, 9) :

block.append(str(pos + 1))

“”” intialize variable “””

firstPlayerTurn = True

playerWinner = False

“”” function to display board “””

def displayBoard() :

print( ‘n —–‘)

print( ‘|’ + block[0] + ‘|’ + block[1] + ‘|’ + block[2] + ‘|’)

print( ‘ —–‘)

print( ‘|’ + block[3] + ‘|’ + block[4] + ‘|’ + block[5] + ‘|’)

print( ‘ —–‘)

print( ‘|’ + block[6] + ‘|’ + block[7] + ‘|’ + block[8] + ‘|’)

print( ‘ —–n’)

“”” while loop till no player win “””

while not playerWinner :


if firstPlayerTurn :

print( “Player 1:”)

else :

print( “Player 2:”)


choice = int(input(“>> “))


print(“please enter a valid field”)


“”” if user enter wrong move “””

if block[choice – 1] == ‘X’ or block [choice-1] == ‘O’:

print(“illegal move, plase try again”)


if firstPlayerTurn :

block[choice – 1] = ‘X’

else :

block[choice – 1] = ‘O’

firstPlayerTurn = not firstPlayerTurn

for pos in range (0, 3) :

y = pos * 3

if (block[y] == block[(y + 1)] and block[y] == block[(y + 2)]) :

playerWinner = True


if (block[pos] == block[(pos + 3)] and block[pos] == block[(pos + 6)]) :

playerWinner = True


if((block[0] == block[4] and block[0] == block[8]) or

(block[2] == block[4] and block[4] == block[6])) :

playerWinner = True


“”” print the player who win “””

print (“Player ” + str(int(firstPlayerTurn + 1)) + ” wins!n”)

 For screenshots, click here

5. Compare Excel Sheet Using Python Programming

Using python programming language, compare the below excel sheets and print out what’s the same and different in both sheets.

excel file 1:

Name Path  
python-excel users/python/excel
python-excel1 users/python/excel1
python-excel2 users/python/excel2
python-excel3 users/python/excel3
python-excel4 users/python/excel4

excel file2:

Name Path
python-excel users/python/excel
python-excel1 users/python/excel1
python-excel9 users/python/excel9
python-excel3 users/python/excel3
python-excel4 users/python/excel4



def print_difference_of_excel_files(File1,File2):

#read full excel1 file




# print(excel1_content)

#read full excel2 file







#print difference of two sets for differences

print(‘nn differences nn’)

for line in excel1_content-excel2_content:


for line in excel2_content-excel1_content:



#print intersection of two sets for same things

print(‘nn same things nn’)

for line in set(excel1_content).intersection(excel2_content):



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