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An Ultimate Guide for Descriptive Writing

By hwa_cognate | Publish On: December 9, 2020 | Posted In:

A descriptive essay is a powerful piece of literature that appeals to the reader’s senses and engages them through a beautiful narrative. Vivid descriptions, characterizations, and sensory details are the ornaments of good descriptive writing. Writers use their ideas and words to stimulate the reader’s mind making them visualize something with astounding clarity.

The art of descriptive writing is hard to master. It requires a lot of practice and specialist guidance to develop proper descriptive writing skills.

descriptive essay writing

Descriptive Writing Techniques

What is a descriptive essay?

The simplest answer for this would be a write-up that uses detailed descriptions of something to help readers visualize it clearly. It can be a place, an event, a person, a living or non-living object or anything on God’s green Earth. The definition of descriptive writing is to write in a way that makes readers visualize. The better the potency of the content, the better a mind imagines. Most of the accomplished writers use a multitude of descriptive writing techniques to craft charismatic content.

Showing vs Telling

Rather than telling, showing is the key feature of descriptive writing.

  • Try to showcase your descriptions in write-ups.
  • Use vocabulary to build the mood and develop a dominant impression on your writers.
  • Use words to add texture and galvanize the reader’s imagination.

Focus on a dominant impression

Effective descriptions help create an impression on the reader’s mind and building the right atmosphere is a great way to develop the context of a descriptive essay.

Follow these tips for good descriptive storytelling:

  • Add minute details that create a mood and evokes emotion
  • Make the reader feel through your sentences
  • Use eye-catching descriptions to trigger impulses and generate the right emotions

Use sensory details

  • Add specific details which prod the imagination
  • Engage the reader’s senses and make them feel the constituents of your scene.
  • Write in a way where you can add descriptions within the context of your essay
  • If possible, recollect an experience using all your five senses.

5 Best Tips for Descriptive Writing

Utilize figures of speech

Use figures of speech which allows your reader to create a clear mental picture using your descriptions. Add metaphor, personifications, smiles, and alliterations to make your write-up elegant and expository.

Use symbolic objects for ideas or emotions

Some words and phrases invoke a particular sense of feeling in our minds. In the same way, certain colors are associated with ideas and emotions too. Use these techniques to create a context or mood for your essays.


Take some time to brainstorm and think about how you perceived the subject of your descriptive essay. Note down the key features of the event or entity you are to describe. Compile a descriptive list before starting your piece of writing.

Be clear and concise

Describe things with clarity and add your details properly. If not, your content becomes convoluted and confusing. Also, don’t go overboard with your descriptions.

Be organized

A proper presentation is crucial for your write-up’s success. Use logical structure to develop your essay so that your readers will be able to follow it with ease.

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