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How To Write A Personal Essay?

By hwa_cognate | Publish On: December 6, 2022 | Posted In:
How To Write A Personal Essay?

People pen down personal essays for several reasons. Students write them to secure a place in the college seat, and writers write to share their personal stories with their readers. Personal narrative essays easily impact others as the readers can easily relate to them. Personal essays also educate and inspire readers through the knowledge gained from real-life experiences.

So, What Exactly Is a Personal Essay?

A personal essay is a personal narrative that delivers an important lesson from a writer’s personal experiences. The events are described from a first-person perspective and can be combined with different writing styles. For example, a personal essay can be a formal essay or can be written as creative nonfiction. 

Personal essays have a conversational tone to connect the author with the reader.

Personal essay topics also cover a diverse range of subject matters. They could be about anything like an estranged family member, the fondest memory of your childhood, a turning point that changed your life forever, or the person you admire the most. 

Any moment in your life that transformed you in some way or sparked growth is included in a personal essay and enriched by your opinions and creative ability.

How to Structure a Personal Essay?

Are you wondering what differentiates a good personal essay from a normal one? A good personal essay follows a proper structure. It contains an introductory paragraph, body, and a closing paragraph. 

The standard length for a personal essay is a structured five-paragraph. But they can be modified (in terms of length) as per the requirement as long as they contain the three basic segments:

  • Introduction

The first segment of your essay must be important for the reader to stick around till the end. Opening with a personal statement is a safe bet if you want to capture the readers’ attention. A common mistake most people make is to open their essays with a famous quote. This makes the reader lose interest as they don’t feel any connection.

  •    Body

The body of your essay is where the soul of your story lies. This should include all your core points and pieces of evidence that will support your narrative. This is also where you, as an essayist, strengthen your bond with the readers by sharing how your personal experiences shaped you into a better version of yourself. You must also reflect on the knowledge gathered through the journey you shared in your essay. 

  •    Conclusion

The conclusion of your essay should reaffirm your thesis. It must also contain the moral of your story or an important matter that transformed you. Don’t forget to review the importance of this essay. End the essay by summing up the things you want the reader to take away to enhance their life.

Beneficial Tips for Writing a Personal Essay

Mentioned below are quick tips to consider while drafting a personal essay: 

  •    Create an essay outline

An outline helps you prioritize the chief points and enhance the tone accordingly. Make sure your topics have a strong emotional impact on you and have influenced you somehow.

  •    Start with your intro

Open the essay with a stirring line to form an emotional connection with the reader. An introduction also gives an idea of what’s coming for your audiences, so they have something to look forward to.

  •    Fill your body paragraphs

The best way to set a personal connection with your readers is by making them feel what you experienced. An efficient method to achieve this is by using sensory details.

  •    Be specific

One mistake to avoid while drafting a personal essay is to avoid giving an overview of something insignificant. Instead, provide the necessary details about the characters or feelings you experienced.

  •    Include a conclusion

Summarizing your experiences and what you took from these experiences help to draft a proper conclusion. End your conclusion with a hopeful note that will inspire thousands of people.

  •    Proofread your work

No one likes to read something that will disrupt the flow. Therefore, make sure your narrative is easy to follow and your intent clear. Read your essay to ensure that draft is what you had in mind before starting your essay.

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