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Rules for writing a Dissertation

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Dissertation Writing Tips

Dissertation is the most important deliverable in an academic project. The final dissertation will be assessed by the student’s supervisor and an independent internal assessor. The recommended length of a dissertation should be between 10,000 and 15,000 words. The most important things in a project are the goals and objectives, the plan that was made and specified, the design, the implementation, the testing all these stages and processes have to be clearly mentioned from time to time.

Rules for writing a Dissertation

The title, abstract, objectives, organization and general outline of the dissertation shall be determined well before the project begins. This must be approved by the student’s supervisor and then only that the student can actually begin the project work.

After the Dissertation Proposal is accepted, the project begins. The actual writing of the dissertation can start two to three months before the final deadline. The most common sections that are found in most of the dissertations are:

Abstract, table of Contents, the introduction, the main body, conclusions and references.

Abstract: The Abstract should be a 100 to 300 word summary in which the goals, the means and the outcome must be briefly described.

Table of Contents: The Table of Contents will display the structure of the dissertation and shall contain the major section and subsection headings with corresponding page numbers. The page numbers must be accurate.

Introduction: The Introduction will prepare the ground for a more detailed discussion of the following chapters. The introduction should set out briefly but clearly the goals and objectives of the project. This is the part which shall create the first impression on the project. It is advisable to write this part at the end of the project.

Learn the Rules to Write A Dissertaion Here:

Main Body: The nature of the project will determine the main body of the dissertation. Most common sections can include a technical overview of related work, explains the background clearly, a critical literature review of the work in the area, a specification of the technical requirements of your project, the details of the project including the overall design and implementation of the project, the implementation of the project, the results obtained there in, the appropriate testing that was done, the evaluation and the verification of project outcomes. This is the place where the student’s depth of understanding of the project can be demonstrated.

Conclusions: The Conclusions section will contain the final results and the achievements of the project highlighting any lessons learnt or new discoveries. It must also contain the necessary steps that can extend the project in the future. In other words the scope for future developments in that particular area.

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