Mistakes to avoid while writing a Dissertation

Mistakes to avoid while writing a Dissertation

Dissertation Writing

Dissertation is the important document that is submitted for partial or whole fulfillment of Masters or PhD degree. As we know it contains the research that the student has done on the subject. It’s the proof of some worthwhile research from the student.
Sometimes some mistakes might creep up into the document. These mistakes can be subject related like

  • Missing information: Sometimes some students miss out on addressing latest developments in the subject, which can have a significant impact on the research and there by an issue with the committee.
  • Avoid straying into other topics too much: Its common practice that students generally, stray out into other topics which seem related. Avoid focusing other topics even when they are related. When you have to address that topic, then limit yourself upto mentioning the topic and that’s it.
  • Don’t start writing hastily: Many students after choosing their topic start writing their final dissertation before even looking at the amount of research that is needed to understanding the topic and coming to a good conclusion about the topic. Many students feel writing dissertation is a race and start writing. This is a mistake as it will waste the time of the student as well as the professor and the committee. Look very carefully before you take even one small step.
  • Too much ambition can turn into burden: Many Research students want to take up a topic which is ground-breaking in the field. This, they think can give them a jump-start career. But, in reality not many topics are ground breaking. Students should not forget that there is a limit to what they understand about the subject and what they can do. So, taking up an ambitious subject for research is not advisable. Try to keep it as simple as possible. The commiittee is here to test your research skills. Its not asking you to invent some new thing which can solve mankind’s problem.
  • Do not delay work: Delaying the work will only make the matters worse. Try not waste much of the precious time. Instead make good use of time by making a schedule of things to be done, the amount of time to be spent on each piece of work, etc. Avoid taking extension requests unless you really need them. Ask for extensions only during contingencies.

With the above general mistakes and the ways to avoid them, the path to a good dissertation should not be a difficult one.

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