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An Ultimate Guide to Memoir Writing

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The hardest part of writing a memoir is getting started. We have a lifetime of memories, and things we like to share. Writing a memoir will be a pleasant activity if you have an idea of the formatting structure. Once you get familiar with the details, it won’t take much time to write an effective memoir. You not only share your personal experience but also provide your readers with pointers on how to react in a particular situation.


A memoir focuses on selected anecdotes of a person’s life. It is often misinterpreted as an autobiography. But, both these literary works are different. It is a historical account of a person’s life which supports a particular theme or provides the readers with a moral lesson. The readers would get a sneak-peek of the writer’s experience and they, in turn, would be able to learn something new.

ultimate guide for memoir writing


We have discussed what a memoir is and now let us proceed to the next step – ‘How to Write a Memoir?’ Here is how you write a memoir-

Choose your theme

First, choose a theme to which your target audience can relate to your story. Always think from the perspective of the readers and question yourself, “Will I find anything interesting?” Thus, select an incident from your life which will be interesting for the readers.

List out the events

After selecting a particular incident from your life, recollect the series of events that unfolded. Maintaining the chronology of events is important to make your story more natural. Just stay true to yourself to write a unique memoir.

Portray a genuine image

Presenting an honest picture is the key to writing a good memoir. Pay attention to all the minor details and narrate your story as it happened like the time the event occurred, your initial reaction etc. Focus on the characters involved in the incident.

Narrate your story

Incorporate informal language if you wish that your memoir be accepted by a large audience. If possible include actual conversations of people and keep an eye on how you develop your characters, the conflict or tension you create, and the pacing of the incidents.

Showcase emotion

Make your readers feel strongly about your experience by inculcating an emotional aspect in your story. The readers should think, “Wow! I didn’t know that people could be this self-less” or “Yes, that’s how I would have reacted”.

Employ literary elements

Use simple language to write your memoir. Use proper connectors like “Henceforth”, “Regardless”, “Having said that” etc. to maintain a link between the different events. Make sure the transition in storytelling is smooth.

Share the lessons you learnt

Rather than blankly stating the incidents, share personal views on your experience by chipping phrases like “I felt really aggravated” or “It was awkward for me”. You can engage your readers by asking them how they felt.

These 7 tips will help you in knowing how to write a memoir. Let’s take a look at the other aspects required to write the memoir.

7 best tips for memoir writing


Select your target audience

Choose your target audience before you select your theme and select the anecdote accordingly.

Conduct thorough research work

After selecting the topic, recollect the events that took place. Note down the events somewhere and work on the structure of the content based on how you are going to present it.

Make your memoir interesting from the start

Write an interesting introduction for a good start. State a quote or pose a question to your readers to start off things.

Create different paragraphs

Create separate paragraphs for different events in which you wish to shed light on the different aspects involved in the experience.

Proper round-off

Revise the content to check if you have missed anything. Share with your readers what you have learned from the experience so that they can learn and grow from your mistakes or reactions.

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