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Useful Apps for College Students

By HWA | Publish On: August 5, 2014 | Posted In:

Life of teenagers has become so complicated these days that you need some kind of “survival tools” in a huge jungle called the college. Today, smartphones are there to rescue you from running into troubles with your professors, homework, assignments, examinations, etc. College life is meant to be a mixture of fun with friends, fear of exams, breaking rules (for fun), making a good career path and much more fun. And to balance the fun part of college and the serious part, you need some kind of tools and here they are. Useful apps for college students.

Here are some of the best apps which can help you in through your college days with ease.

BenchPrep: BenchPrep is an interactive app which has course library for all graduate and professional exam study material. The app has hundreds of practice questions, flashcards and purchase questions and many study lessons.

iStudiesPro: iStudiesPro is an which keeps track of your academic deadlines, exams and grades across your Mac devices. All you need is to download it on your Mac devices and update and the cloud syncing will take care of the rest.

Engineering Professional: Engineering Professional is an app specially designed for engineering students. The app has built-in formulas for various engineering streams ranging from chemical, civil, mechanical, electrical, environmental, hydrology, etc and much more. You can create a catalog of your favorite and frequently used formulas as well.

Venmo: Venmo is this incredible app where you can chat with your friends and transfer money between your friends circle. The app lets you add your online bank account so that it you can easily transfer money to and forth between your friends. You don’t have to deal with cash anymore.

Snap2PDF: Snap2PDF is a great idea where you can take snaps of documents and convert them into PDFs for future reference. It makes it easy if you come across a rare document and would want to read it after sometime.

Lemon Wallet: Lemon Wallet is a finance app that lets you make your own virtual wallet. This app helps you manage your limited finance properly without any hassles. You can add in your credit card or debit card details as well. You need to enter the details of your spending with pics of receipts so that you can easily track your expenses. Don’t worry about the security. It has strong security.

WhatsApp: A popular app like WhatsApp doesn’t need any introduction. All you need is to install this app and it quickly scans your contacts list for people who are available for chat. You can also create a private group of your friends, so that you can chat freely with all your buddies.

Viber: Viber is this free-calling or VOIP app that lets you call your friends or family who is also using Viber. With a high speed internet connection or high speed wifi, you can chat and talk without any hassles. It’s highly useful for those people who are living far away from home and frequently talk to their families.

Skype: Also, Skype doesn’t need any introduction. Just like Viber, you can talk and chat with your family and friends free of cost with just an internet connection. An easy way to keep your mobile bill down while still talking with your dear ones who are far away.

Sleep If You Can Alarm: Sleep If You Can Alarm is a special app for those students who have this bad habit to procrastinate. But, by installing this app, you can be sure about getting up at the time you want. This app has a special feature of shutting down the alarm only when you take the picture of the wash basin. The pic of the wash basin must already be in its memory and it matches the pic taken with the pic in its memory.

SelfControl: Most students cannot take their hands off of social networking sites. They keep checking their fb account, twitter account,  whatsapp or youtube, etc. This can be very dangerous during exam preparation. SelfControl is this app which stops you from opening those ‘blacklisted’ sites and apps which you’ve entered. Now, with this app on, you cannot open these apps in between the time frame given and no matter what you do like delete the command, restart your macbook, this app will not let you open those ‘blacklisted’ apps until the right time.

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