Chicago Referencing Style

Chicago Referencing Style

Chicago Referencing

The Chicago Referencing Style has two major documentation systems. One is the humanities style and the other is the author-date system. These two styles are used in different contexts depending upon the subject-matter and the nature of the study and the sources cited. These two systems are favored by different groups of scholars.

Chicago Referencing Style

As the name suggests the humanities style is preferred by many in literature, history and the arts. It is recommended for history research papers. This style uses bibliographic notes rather than text citations. It accommodates a variety of sources including words which only few people know.
Humanities style
Ex: Yow, Valerie Raliegh. Recording oral history. A guide for the humanities and social sciences. Walnut Creek, CA: Alta Mira Press,2005.
Corporate Author
Ex: Oberlin College. Conservatory of Music. Library. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Best Collection of Autographs, in the Mary M. Vial Music Library of the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music. Oberlin, OH: Oberlin College Library, 1967.
Journal Article
Ex: Banks, William. “A Secret Meeting in Boise.” Midwestern Political Review 6 (1958): 26-31.
Electronic Journal or Newspaper Article
Ex: Carbado, Devon W. “Black Male Racial Victimhood.” Callaloo 21, no.2 (1998): 337-361. (accused July 8, 2005).
Ex: Ellison, Jim. “Assessing the accessibility of fifty United States government WebPages: Using Bobby to check on Uncle Sam.” First Monday, volume 9, number 7 (July 2004). (accessed June 16, 2005).

The author-date system on the other hand has been used by people from other sciences such as physical, natural and other social sciences. In this system the last name of the author, date of publication are cited briefly mentioned in the text, generally in parentheses.
Author-Date Style
Ex: Kourik, Robert. 1998. The lavender garden: beautiful varieties to grow and gather. San Francisco: Chronicle Books.
Corporate Author
Ex: Ohio State University. Natural Resources Institute. 1959. A directory of Ohio facilities and services for resource conservation. Columbus: Natural Resources Institute.
Journal Article
Ex: Terborgh, J. 1974. Preservation of natural diversity: The problem of extinction-prone species. BioScience 24: 715-22.
Electronic Article or Newspaper Article
Ex: Thomas, Trevor M. 1956. Wales: Land of Mines and Quarries. Geographical Review 46, no.1: 59-81. (accessed June 30, 2005).
Web Site
Ex: Roach, John. 2005. Journal Ranks Top 25 Unanswered Questions. (accessed July 7, 2005).


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