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7 Tips To Ace Your Python Assignment

By hwa_cognate | Publish On: June 23, 2022 | Posted In:
7 Tips To Ace Your Python Assignment

An aspiring Python developer should be well-prepared to tackle the ubiquitous coding challenges. Python programming assignments are designed to test the programming skills of students to solve a specific problem. Often times, Python assignments are very challenging and are hard to solve. If you are a student and want to solve your Python assignments easily, here are 7 tips to ace python assignment.

Read the instructions carefully:

As the Python assignments are accompanied by written instruction, slow down and carefully read through the instructions several times to make sure you understand them. Even if you write a great code and miss a key requirement, then it will be a shame. Best thing to do is to rewrite the instructions as a to-do list which will serve as a roadmap as you work on each piece of the Python assignment.

Sketch out a plan:

One can easily leap straight into writing code and make things up as long as they go along. But, a bit of time spent sketching out the main parts of the Python program and how they will fit together can help spot issues sooner. If you work through a prospective architecture, you can avoid it deviating from initial outline and can help save time and lead to a better overall solution.

Make it simple to run and include a great Readme:

A program can be easily run if it has a good documentation to go along with it. Spend time and try to get your program to run even if it doesn’t have supplied documentation. The longer you spend time on debugging, the more it leads to frustration. Ultimately you will end up with negative review rather than with a positive one. You need to ensure that the reviewer has a smooth experience in getting it running.

Drive out your solutions with tests:

If you don’t have any experience on test-driven development, now would be the best time to pause work on your coding assignment and brush up on your unit testing skills. As testing will almost always be viewed positively by the reviewer, the presence and quality of test wrapped around a solution will give additional advantage in getting best grades in your Python assignment.

Focus on the test input, then handle edge cases:

Majority of the Pythons programs need test input to verify that the solution works. But, the test inputs rarely covers all possible edge cases. How does your app react when the value passes in doesn’t match the format of the test input or is null? In such cases the ideal solution will handle the test input and also gracefully handle edge cases.

Make it readable:

While reviewing your assignment, there is every possibility that your professor may read it out of context. You won’t be having any chance to explain your code and your choices. So, it is very crucial that your code is easy to read and follow. Here are tips to make it easier to understand the code:

  • Take care when naming classes, methods/functions and variables
  • Break it down
  • Use comments sparingly
  • Be wary of code golf
  • Keep you main method as high level as possible

Carefully review and refactor your solution:

Your Python assignment is finally finished! After hours or even days of concentration, it might be extremely tempting for you to close you IDE, zip up your code, and submit it to your professor to get it all over and done with. If you think so, then resist the urge and take time to refactor your solution, go over the Readme again, and check it carefully for errors. A small mistake left in your code will lead to an assumption that you didn’t understand how programming works and will lead to bad grades. So, don’t let any margin for error and check properly before final submission.

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