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11 Tips on How to Write Essay Fast

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Essay writing is an integral part of the academic curriculum. ‘How to write my essay?’ is one of the most searched topics in various search engines. An essay is a reflective piece of writing on our understanding of a specific topic. It involves research on the topic to support ideas, evidence and arguments that are presented. For this very reason, a considerable amount of time is essential to complete an essay. But sometimes when we are short of time and are asked to write an essay fast, we may end up writing an essay which may be unstructured and clumsy. If we wish to present a perfect essay in a limited amount of time, then here are 11 expert tips on how to write an essay fast.

11 Expert Tips On How to Write An Essay Fast

how to write an essay fast

Before you begin writing an essay take deep breaths and keep your mind calm. Like the famous phrase, ‘a calm mind reflects like water’, keep it cool and let the thoughts flow. Then follow these tips for writing your essay fast. 

Understand the Topic Correctly

The first and foremost tip to write an essay fast is to take some time to read the topic presented thoroughly. This step is the foundation of your entire essay. Try to understand the meaning of the words presented, recall the information related to this specific topic. Avoid mere skimming through the words as the essay then written may deviate from the topic.

Time Management 

Now that you have an idea about the topic, allot time for each of the parts of the essay. For this, you must know the parts of the essay clearly so that you can structure them according to the time available. If time is not managed properly, then you may end up writing passionately on one part of the essay, while ignoring other crucial ones.

Use the T Chart Method

Draw a simple T Chart with pros and cons as headings. Jot down points on whether you agree or disagree with the topic. Also, list down the pros and cons related to the topic so that you have a clear understanding of your stance towards the topic. By doing this, you will be able to arrive at a thesis statement and body paragraphs that will defend your thesis. 

Be Thorough with the Essay Structure

Knowing this will help you write pointers for the outline of your essay. Divide the essay into three major sections. For example:

  • Introduction– here, the background information about the topic is provided and the thesis statement is introduced
  • Body– this consists of three or more sections that act as evidence of the thesis statement. 
  • Conclusion – here, include points that restate the thesis statement and provide closure to the essay.

Design an Outline

Write pointers for the above in a brief manner which will be the outline of your essay. The outline acts as a blueprint to which you can retreat every time you feel lost while writing your essay. A formalized list, idea map or any other method can be used. Remember to mention the main point or the topic sentence and the points of the body paragraph. 

Quick Ways to Design a Thesis Statement

Coming up with a thesis statement generally takes up most of your time. Use the technique mentioned below to arrive at a thesis sooner.

  • General Statement

Identify the topic of the essay: for example, global warming and its causes

  • Specific Statement

Clarify and elaborate the general statement: for example, global warming and air pollution

  • Thesis Statement

Arrive at an even more specific statement on which your essay will be a response. This will the thesis of your paper: for example, an increase in vehicle population causes an increase in global temperature.

Quick ways to Design a Body 

The body functions as a crucial aspect of the essay. Choose three pieces of evidence that support the thesis statement. Then divide them into three sections.

  • Section 1: Elaborate on first evidence which supports the thesis
  • Section 2: Elaborate on second evidence that supports the thesis
  • Section 3: Elaborate on third evidence that supports the thesis

Quick ways to Design Conclusion

The conclusion acts as the cherry on the topping. It is very important to provide closure to the essay. Remember to keep these two points in mind while concluding.

  • How the essay is linked to the general topic
  • How the essay is linked to the thesis statement 

Write the Essay with Confidence

Attempting to write an essay is much better than not writing one. Essay writing is not easy, it isn’t difficult either. All of it comes with a good amount of practice. Write the essay with a basic structure in mind. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. But never fail to attempt writing again once you do.

Proofread your essay 

Once you have finished writing the essay go through it once to check if there are any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or errors in punctuation marks. Revisit the whole essay to see if the essay supports the thesis statement. It is always a good habit to allot some time for proofreading the essay to receive fewer corrections from the evaluator.

Use essay writing services

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Do’s and Don’ts while Writing an Essay fast


  • Always time your essay and finish before the deadline so that you have enough time to revise 
  • Follow the structure of the essay for easier flow of towards the topic
  • Use quotes that are relevant, it adds more content to your essay
  • Take pointers from credible sources and mention them in references, even during time constraint
  • Use correct grammar and spellings 


  • Do not panic. Worrying will only consume more time and make you less functional
  • Never plagiarize! Even during time constraint, do not copy-paste somebody else’s work
  • Do not use complicated language. It may look sophisticated; however, in turn, makes your essay too wordy and dull
  • Do not forget to proofread. By not doing this you will end up having more mistakes and loss of points
  • Do not create a four-inch margin and repeat your content several times. This may invite suspicion from your evaluator

Word of Caution 

Writing an essay reflects your understanding of the topic. It enhances your learning as you may come across several perspectives on the same topic. Since it requires a considerable amount of research, do not JUMP into writing, please schedule your time accordingly for relevant research. Although this article provides 11 EXPERT TIPS ON how to write an essay fast, it is better to ask the instructions from your evaluator on how to go about it. Keep a note on the instructions.  

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