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Constructivism: Perspectives from HwA experts

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Constructivism is a learning theory that perceives that people acquire knowledge through their experiences, interaction with the outside world and their ideas of the world around them. The theory got wider appreciation through the work of Jean Piaget in the early 20th century. Hence, he is considered as the founder of Constructivism. The theory of Constructivism is a part of epistemology which is a branch of philosophy which deals with how knowledge is acquired.

The theory has helped in developing ways of finding out how a person’s knowledge in various subjects is acquired and how it is applied in various instances. This theory is much recognized in the field of psychology and in the field of teaching. In the field of teaching it has a greater relevance because it can help teachers in finding out the best ways to teach their students.

Social Constructivism

Social Constructivism is a sociological theory that assumes that within a social group, knowledge is constructed or developed. This is regarded as the driving force behind small and indigenous cultures which share the same kind of beliefs and follow the same traditions. Social Constructivism is one of the major concepts in educational psychology where in constructivism is studied along with behaviorism and social learning in child development.

Personal Constructivism

Personal Constructivism believes that people organize their experiences so that they can understand and understand the flow of their day to day life. The proponents of the theory argue that people devise various ways or hypotheses to understand themselves and the people around them in their own limited sense of the world. It is further argued that personal constructivism has a greater role to play in interpersonal communication as well.

It has been found that people with complex personal constructs have better social perception than people with simple or less complex personal constructs. People with complex constructs because they can make more sophisticated distinctions, they are considered and have also known to be better communicators. The perception of an individual is shaped by the culture, family, social groups and education. These practices have known to shape the perception of a person.

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