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Why is it important to Join College?

Reason to Join College?

Joining college, is it so important? I think, it is important to join in a college and complete a graduate degree. Yes, a college degree costs a good amount of money, but that is just the beginning. After completing the college, with a degree in hand, one can easily find a good job. If it is a good job, then definitely the pay would also be good.

U.S. Census Bureau released a statistics report saying that young Americans with a college degree can earn up to $50000 per year and their counter parts the high school diploma holders earn only $28000. So, it is clearly evident that with a degree from a college, can really make a difference between “growing career” and “struggling to meet the ends”.

Why is it important to Join College?

Now high school diploma holders might wonder why they are not earning as much as degree holders. Well, the answer is pretty simple, when it comes to an executive job, much preference is given to those who are highly qualified. In this case, the degree holders are better qualified than the high-school diploma holders. And more over a degree holder’s perception is refined more than a high school passout’s perception. Graduates do things much better than highschool passouts. They can understand a complex phenomenon much better than highschool passouts, generally. Almost all professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals complete their education in college.

This is not to differentiate between graduates and highschool passouts. Today’s graduates were yesterday’s highschool passouts. But, not all highschool pass outs can go to a college. Some students do not have the inclination to study further. Some who start, drop out in the middle.

Those who think otherwise complete their graduation. Those who consistently struggle hard, come out in flying colors. And get good jobs or will go for University.

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