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11 Common Types of Assignments in Online Courses. Get Help Now!

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Assignments in online courses are of great advantage to students who pursue digital learning.  These assignments allow students to apply the learned information and prepare them to improvise their skills. Most of the assignments in an online course are graded and define the success of the course. Therefore, students search the web for an assignment help.

assignments in online courses

As a student, you can opt for the option ‘take my online course’ and seek an assignment help from a reliable writing source such as However, it is important that you are aware of the 11 common types of Assignment in Online Courses.

11 Types of Assignments in Online Courses

Assignments in general may seem burdensome. However, they are quite enriching and test your learning abilities and encourage you to reflect on your lessons. Assignments in an online course come with conveniences that are suitable for you. They offer opportunities that guide you to explore beyond the classroom walls. There are individual as well as group assignments in an online course.

Discussion Writing

Discussion writing assignments enable students to have a deeper level of understanding on the topic by sharing their thoughts and reflecting on others. To test the learned information in an online course, you will be asked to write discussion assignments. Since a face-to-face instruction is absent, a narrative of your thoughts on the topic should be posted in an online discussion board. On the discussion board there will be exchange of responses between you and your peers who have signed up for the same course.

Group Projects 

Like discussion writing, in a group project there will be an exchange of perspectives between individual and the group. Students will be required to finish the required task with their group on a stipulated time. Although this may seem time-consuming, group projects are worthwhile as they equip you with collaborative skills in a learning environment. You will also understand perspectives from people with different backgrounds and experiences.

Quiz, Test and Exams

Like traditional classrooms, online courses have quizzes and exams too. This is to evaluate if the student has learnt the course material efficient enough to recall it.  Usually quizzes and tests have multiple choices, while some may require you to write essays. They may come with or without a time limit. Do not get anxious with this kind of assignment as your instructors will be friendly enough to help you with feedback.

Case Study

In case-specific assignments, a problem or phenomenon is presented to which students must provide a solution. The problem may be a real-life event or hypothetical situation. Students are required to analyze the issue and resolve the conflict accordingly. By doing so, you will improve your analytical skills to comprehend and solve real-life situations. This type of online assignment will give you clarity on why you are asked to learn a lesson and apply them to encounter complex situations in the future.

Reflective Journals

Reflective journal is an assignment where a student can share close communication with the instructor regarding a specific topic. This kind of assignment helps students to revisit the learnt topic using critical skills for a deeper understanding of the same. In a reflective journal you can post opinions, concerns, ideas and analysis pertaining to the class. It provides the freedom to think deeply and draw connection to what you already know.

Blog Writing

A blog is a public platform where an individual or a group can share their perceptions, ideas and opinions on a specific topic. New information on the learnt topic is added consistently by the students. This kind of assignment provides readers, the freedom to respond to the blog posts in the form of comments. Blog writing is qualitatively different from journals and academic papers. It is a platform where you can reflect and provide meaningful personal input your learning. The blog posts created by the individual student or a group will be documented with author name, title and date.

Visual Analysis

In visual analysis, students are presented with charts or videos and are instructed to analyze the visuals. The main aim of visual analysis is to test your ability to grasp the required information in a visual format. Pictorial representation of information will create mind maps in students and improve their reflection skills. It is particularly beneficial for those students who are visual learners. If you are a visual learner, you will find this online assignment really amusing!

Mind Mapping

In a traditional classroom, students are suggested to develop a note-taking habit for better understanding of the topic. Similarly, in online courses mind mapping assignments are given for students to note the points in more creative and logical manner. Students are free to choose an organizational structure to note down the important pointers using symbols, lines, colors, words, images and so on. Doing so, will enable you to narrow down a large information into a memorable, colorful and creative map.

Report Writing

Report writing is crucial for students whose choice of study requires them to conduct field studies.  If you’re chosen study is research or business oriented, your online course will ask you to write a report writing assignment. Report writing assignment will train students to put down their field experiences in an organizational format. Even if this is not necessary, online courses keep report writing assignment as mandatory to keep students aware of the various processes in their respective field of study.

Research paper

Students pursuing higher studies online are required to formulate a research paper. A research paper is a formal presentation of the in-depth study conducted on a specific thesis. Students are instructed to write their research papers by strictly adhering to the format and using references from authentic sources. Writing an original research paper will add more credit to the student. However, while taking up a research paper assignment you must ensure to have access to the university library.

Literature Review

In a literature review assignment, students are asked to read information from journals, books or articles and share their input on the same. Like traditional classrooms, students who opt for online courses are instructed to do a considerable amount of reading. By doing so, you will learn and understand on the sources that are linked to the topic of your study. Literature review will also enhance your researching ability.

These are the few types assignments in an online course among many. The kind of assignment mainly depends on the course that you have chosen. If you still find online assignment writing difficult, then do not worry. You can still take up your desired course and seek for an assignment help. is the #1 reliable source for online assignment help. At, we will guide you in writing any kind of assignment online. Name any kind of assignment and we provide step-by-step assistance in completion of your online course.

Online assignment – a platform for effective learning

An online assignment is a testing ground which evaluates the understanding levels of a student. These assignments help you learn the topics in-depth so that you have good clarity on your study. An online assignment comes with the following benefits.

  • Enriches students with analytical and communication skills that are necessary for the work environment
  • Encourages students to develop a regular reading habit by allowing them to submit assignments consistently
  • Enables the students to have a one-to-one communication with their instructor, which is often difficult in a traditional classroom due to time constraint
  • Teaches the importance of holistic approach, by encouraging students to understand and respect the opinions of other students via collaborative forums
  • Emphasizes on voicing out individual perspective on the study topic

Unlike traditional classrooms, you have the freedom to opt for an assignment help to complete you online assignment. At we will assist you in completion of your course, by taking up your online assignment. With our professional expertise you can avail good-quality assistance without any worry. Therefore, sit back and take deep breaths while we assist you.

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