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How to make an effective PowerPoint presentation

By HWA | Publish On: October 9, 2014 | Posted In:

PowerPoint presentations play an important role in every student’s life. Each and every student in the academia will have to give a presentation on one topic or the other at least once in a life time. We’re saying once in a life time which is an exaggeration, but in reality every student will have to give a presentation at least twice or thrice every year.

Thus, it is important to know about making your presentation in the best possible manner and ways in which it can presented is also very important. There are certain general rules and certain specific rules or tips that can make a PowerPoint presentation an effective one.

Here are some of the tips and tricks to make your PowerPoint presentation effective.

Legibility: Your PowerPoint Presentation should be legible even to audience seated in the last. So, you must use standard fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, etc and use larger font size above the sizes 32 or 36 for regular text and for titles it must be at least 44. One thing, you must remember is that no matter how good the data in the presentation might be, it is the visual appeal that adds to the effectiveness.

Make it simple: Keep your presentation style as simple as you can. Limit the number of lines in a page to 6 or 7. Do not stuff a page with matter. Remember that you’ve been asked to do a presentation and not a research paper. The moment your audience sees a paragraph, boredom kills them the very next second. So, make simple points that can be easily read and understood by your audience. Instead of writing a huge paragraph, write a smaller sentence with points for easy readability.

Use of colors and graphics: Do not use too many colors or too many fonts, too many sizes and graphics. When you look at something written, it’s the consistency of the text that keeps it readable. Its not that you cannot use too many colors or fonts, sizes and graphics. But, use them only when they are absolutely necessary, like stressing on some keywords or tag lines or on those stressed words. Use graphics only when you’re trying to show examples.

Use of sounds and transition: Do not use too many sounds or graphical transition while changing pages. Too many complicated transitions and sounds can distract your audience away from the main topic. Remember that your audience are there for entertainment. They are there only for your presentation.

Be very precise: In your presentation make sure that your points are precise. By being precise and to the point, you can avoid using large sentences that are very ambiguous and confusing. By being precise you just need to write few sentences that summarize your points.

Have an order for your presentation: An orderly presentation is much appreciated. Arrange the things or points in your presentation based on a hierarchy or chronological order and follow it till the end. Follow a good sequence that can make sense to your audience. Your audience must not get confused because of the missing order. So, think in terms of your audience and then prepare your presentation.

Don’t just read the points but explain them: Yes, don’t just read the points that are being displayed. Your audience can read it for themselves. But, it is up to you to elaborate each of those points and explain them so that they can clearly understand them. Don’t just stand there and read the points.

Start with a bang: Not literally, but if you start your presentation with something interesting in the beginning that can straighten the laid back audience then you’re on a good start. Make sure that you start by directly touching your audience’s emotions. Remember that emotional appeal has much greater appeal than anything formal.

Don’t just stand there at the podium: Yes, don’t just stand at the podium and read out the presentation. Instead, explain the points like a robot. Talk as though you’re talking to a bunch of your friends. Make your presentation more meaningful and interesting.

Be interactive with your audience: Your audience don’t really want a robot for reading the stuff on the slides. They want someone who can explain what is what in the slides. And there is no other person to do it than you. You must be interactive with your audience. Being interactive is a two way phenomenon. Maintain eye contact with your audience. Don’t limit yourself to only few in the room. Try to maintain the eye contact each and everyone in the room. Ask questions about the topic. And also at the end of your presentation, take a minute or two to answer the questions from your audience.

Have some humor quotient: To lighten the atmosphere, try cracking some jokes. Humour can be your best weapon. But use it reasonably. In order to be able to do all of these things, you should practice your presentation in front of a mirror first and then try mock presentations in front of neutral audience. Take feedback from them and improvise. Don’t just stick to the notes that you’ve prepared, you have to improvise whenever, wherever necessary.

You are the presentation: Remember that the real presentation is not the slides that you show to your audience, it is you who is giving the presentation and you should take the centre stage. Dress appropriately and present yourself in an appealing manner.

Don’t make your presentation eternal: There’s always a time limit in presentations as many other presenters might also be present. So, make sure that you finish the presentation within the given time slot and try to spare 2-3 minutes to answer questions from your audience.

With these tips and tricks you can be sure of giving in the best presentation in your high school or college. From HelpWithAssignment, we wish you all the very best. For more details visit us at

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