How to make a study schedule and score A+

How to make a study schedule and score A+

An often asked question by every college and university student who wants to top in his or her class, is how to score an A+. While there is no standard answer for this question, yet one can score an A+ with the help of certain dos and don’ts.

Tips for Scoring an A+

We’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts that can help you to an extent in succeeding in your college. These tips are about how making certain small changes in your lifestyle and rearranging your timings can help you achieve success, if not make miracles.

Avoid skipping classes

Don’t skip your classes for fun. Some students skip their classes every now and then. Remember that missing out on classes can make you fall back extremely. Most college instructors follow the old saying, “time and tide, wait for none”. Some colleges have a rule of adding your attendance to your final score. So, don’t skip classes unless and until, it is absolutely necessary.

Record your classes

Its a good idea to record your classes as your professor teaches. Recording your classes can help you in going back to what your professor has said and it’ll make more sense while studying the subject later on. Record your classes and copy that to your laptop’s hard drive and store it in folders date-wise. This can help in locating them easily. You could also add the topic name to the file for easily recognizing those files.

Avoid being late

Another important rule is to be on time. Many instructors find latecomers very irritating. They also have this habit of remembering those faces for the wrong reasons. The moment your professor registers you as a regular later comer, then all the impression that you’ve earned will be lost in a second. This can impact on your grades later on. Avoid making this costly mistake.

Always try to sit in the front row

Try to sit in the front row as much as you can. It will give you a clear view of the board and you won’t miss out what’s on the bottom of the board. Usually, those who sit in the back rows have a problem seeing what’s written at the bottom o the board.

After college study hours

Many colleges and universities offer after college study hours either with senior or with bright students in your class. So, if you don’t understand a concept in your class and are reluctant to approach you prof, then make use of these study hours and ask them to clarify your doubts. Also, studying right after college can help you in remembering what has been taught in the class and not just remembering, but it reinforces it in your memory.

Prepare your notes

A subject might seem easy enough when taught but later on it becomes so hard to understand that you’d want someone to help you out. You can avoid this by preparing notes. Make notes for each and every subject. By preparing notes, you can make sure that everything that you need to study are present at one place and you just need to refer to those points that have been highlighted. This helps in remembering better when compared to studying from your text where everything is in paragraphs. Also, while preparing notes, you’ll have to write invariably and it can be a good practice when in an exam you’ll have to write constantly for few hours.

Study on weekends

Well, its not a bad idea to have some fun in weekends. But give some time to studies as well. In the weekends, take out time and study what has been taught all through the week in all the subjects. This tip is given not because we want to see your weekends being ruined. But, it is because of the fact that no matter how hard you’ve studied during the week, skipping it during the weekends can make you forget some of the important stuff.

Set a time table

It is very important to set a time table and to stick to it. Prepare a timetable for your after college hour study so that it will be easy for you to keep up with your classes. Most students successfully prepare a timetable for after college study, but fail at implementing it. Don’t be one of them. Don’t just try, but study according to the timetable that you’ve set. If you’re ever were to miss the schedule, do try to keep up the next day. And at any cost, avoid missing the timetable.

Get some good night sleep

Avoid using your mobile or laptop before you go to bed. They can deprive your sleep. Lack of good sleep at night can make you feel drowsy all day in your class or can make you miss your classes. Feeling sleepy in your class is as good as skipping it altogether. Make it a habit to have your dinner and go to bed as early as possible.

Yes, we know that these are the usual tips that anyone can give. But, don’t forget that there is no shortcut to succeeding in college. From we hope that you succeed in your college and come out with flying colors.


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