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Corporate Finance Help for Students

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Corporate Finance Help

In a business, on a daily basis, so many decisions have to be made. If you look at it closely, every decision that a business makes, has financial implications. For example, if a business takes a small decision of hiring someone for selling something, then this decision has a financial implication to it because, when you hire someone, that person needs to be paid a salary and the sales performance of that person needs to be noted. Because even the sales performance of that person has a financial implication on the firm.

So, in a broader sense, every decision that a firm or a business takes comes under the purview of corporate finance. Corporate finance helps a business in taking decisions ranging from when to invest, what to invest, how much to invest, in what proportions to invest, does it have to be labor intensive or capital intensive, etc. Each of the decisions, as already mentioned has a financial implication in the future and hence, each decision needs to be taken wisely and the resources needs to be used wisely.

The objective of corporate finance is to maximize the value of the business or the firm by taking better decisions. This single objective has been classically criticized by many and it was suggested that a firm should have multiple objectives each for stockholders, labor and customers, etc. Today, the growth the firm seems to be the main objective for most businesses.

Corporate Finance Help for Students

Some of the important concepts of Corporate Finance include

Present value, net present value, internal rate of return or discounted cash flow, valuing long term assets, valuing common stock, measuring return on investments, capital structure of a firm, measuring cost of equity, cost of debt, risk and opportunity cost of capital, capital budgeting and risk, capital investment decision, dividend policy, etc.

Each of these concepts and more are very important and form the basis for the subject. At, we have a group of highly educated, professionals from the field of finance who can teach you finance. We cover not only the above mentioned topics, but also numerous other topics in corporate finance for college and university students who are in their graduation, post graduation or diploma in corporate finance.

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