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Tag - Market segmentation

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation Marketing In conventional marketing, ie marketing of 20th century, concentrated more on mass selling. A million mill produced products being sold to millions of people out there. But, in the 21st century, this scenario has been changing. Sales of many popular products suddenly started falling which required a change in the way each product was being depicted. That’s when market segmentation emerged on the horizon. Market segmentation is an important concept because it lets the business segregate a broad [...]

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation  is a subset of market. It is a part of a market. Just like a slice in a pizza, a market segment is used to divide market based on the type of consumers who are in that group. Dividing the consumers based on the ‘most likely’ people who will buy the product. A market in the broader sense cannot be addressed many a times as all customers cannot connect to all products. There are different consumers with [...]