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Did You Fail Your Assignment? What Next!

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Failing in your assignment or exam or coursework, midterm or your dissertation can be an awful feeling. And trust us, all of us have gone through that tough and unpleasant experience at least once in our academic lifetime. And, as it turns out, it is good to fail once or twice in your exams or assignment. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know whether or not you approach was right. And moreover, failing an exam can motivate you to study harder or understand the topic more clearly and attempt it.

So, its okay to be a little depressed for a while. But, don’t be depressed for too long. Come to your senses as quickly as possible and take a note on what has gone wrong in your assignment or exam. First, you need to check the comments your professor or lecturer has given you. Read those comments and half of your work is done.

Reasons for failure in an assignment and how to control them

Here are some of the reasons for failure in an assignment or an exam.

Failed in Assignment or Homework: If you’ve failed in your homework or assignment, it might not be a big reason for concern. I said, its not a big reason for concern. But, it still is. So, don’t relax just yet. If you’ve failed in your assignment, it means that you didn’t understand the topic well enough. But, if the assignment is a serious assignment which adds score to your final grade, then it is a matter of concern. Then you should be really worried. In such case, you should ask your professor about redoing the assignment. Whether or not your professor might agree to it can depend upon your previous scores in the subject. If you’ve scored well in your previous assignments or homework, then your professor might consider your request and offer you a chance to redo your assignment.

Failed in an entire module: If you’ve failed in an entire subject or module, then you are given a second chance to rewrite your exam and also resubmit all of your coursework. This could be tedious and be very stressful to rewrite the exam. Sometimes, the time to prepare the exam might not be enough. In most cases, it could be your last chance.

Failed because of plagiarism: Plagiarism is when a student copies work from a source and does not give credit to the source in the form of referencing. If you’ve failed because of plagiarism, then it could mean that you’re in some trouble. Plagiarism is taken very seriously in all universities. If a student is found to have plagiarized his/her homework or assignment or dissertation, then the student is referred to the University’s Ethics Board. The Board can, suspend the student for first violation. If it continues into the future, the student might be expelled from the university.

These are generally the reasons for failing and below are the ways to avoid such fails.

Ways to Avoid Failing in your Assignment, Homework or Module

Here some ways or tips through which you can save yourself from failing in your subject.

Avoid plagiarism

The easiest and the first thing to do to avoid failing, is to learn about your university’s guidelines about plagiarism and how to avoid it. Plagiarism is regarded as serious case of misconduct by all universities and you need to avoid it any cost. Most students are aware of plagiarism and its consequences, but sometimes it can happen by accident. So, you must be very vigilant while doing your assignments, homework or dissertations. One best way to do it is by referencing, as you move ahead with your assignment work, i.e., when you’re writing your assignment or dissertation, make sure to mark your work with proper source and reference it right away in the reference or bibliography at the bottom of your work. In this way, you’ll avoid plagiarism by properly citing all your references.

Homework and assignment failure

If you’ve failed in your assignment or homework due to lack of understanding of the subject, don’t feel shy or stubborn in asking help from your professor. Your professors are there, not only to profess, but to help you as well. If your professor really thinks that you are hardworking student, he or she might reconsider your request about extra credit or will let you redo the assignment or homework. Also, if you don’t understand a topic, you must first approach your professor about doubts in the subject. He will be more than willing to you help you. He might get you in touch with your university tutoring services.

Module or subject failure

Module or subject failure can sometimes lead to reappearing for the examination. In most cases, failing the re-exam can mean expelling from the course. So, it is better to be very careful not to fail in the module. In order for that to happen, one needs to study hard, understand the concepts and topics and appear for the exam. If you’re stuck at any point, ask your friends or classmates who study well. You can also take the help of your professor.

Make or change your study plans

If you keep failing in your assignments or homework, may be there is something wrong in the way you manage your studies. So, you need to make changes in your study plan. Allocate more time to study. Also, while studying make note of important points. In this way, when you’re revising your course material during final examination, you’ll just need to refer to the points.

Take help from your classmates or friends

Make a study group with your friends or join an existing study group. Studying in group can help you in many ways. Each member of the group might be good in one of the topics and can help each other in understanding the subject. In this way, it’s a win-win situation for all in the group.

Go for tutoring sessions

If you think that a subject is very tough, make sure to arrange tutoring sessions. Good tutoring sessions can help you in understanding the subtleties of the subject and its topics and can help you in scoring more.

Avoid distractions during study time

Distractions can be the biggest problems while studying. Today, a student is surrounded with iPhones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc filled with Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and other media. All these culminate into the biggest distraction while studying. Avoid these gadgets while studying. It will help you in improving concentration.

Get a good night’s sleep

You might wonder, “what is the connection between my grades and getting good night’s sleep?” Turns out, there is a connection. As mentioned above, we are surrounded by gadgets and these gadgets will make you invariably stay awake late through the night. This will make you restless and you can feel sleepy and drowsy in your classes. And missing or sleeping in classes can be one of the reasons for falling grades.

So, with these tips, we hope that you will score better grades and will come out in flying colors. We wish you all the best from team. For more details, visit our website at

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