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How to Write Essay About Gun Control?

By HWA | Publish On: July 9, 2019 | Posted In:

Gun control is a set of rules restricting possession, sale, transportation, manufacture, modification and usage of firearms. For example, in countries like America, there are no such strict restrictions or gun controls are used and most of the civilians totaling around 70% to 80% of civilians have access to firearms. 

However, in many countries like India gun control rules are very strict and hence license is issued for every purchased gun. Every non-licensed gun possessed by a civilian is said to be and he/she might be penalized for the same. 


essay on gun control

According to certain research made in 2007, a total of around 875 million small firearms are in possession of civilians, military forces and law enforcement agencies where about 75% of the total firearms are in the hands of civilians. Where about a total of 270 million are alone under the control of civilians of America.

How to Proceed with Writing the Essay on Gun Control?

1st Paragraph:

This paragraph shall be the starting paragraph of your essay, therefore, it should contain all the necessary introductory points over

  • What is gun control?
  • Discuss the terminology as to what is understood by gun control from the perspective of a civilian?

2nd Paragraph:

You can introduce certain facts about gun control like for example:

  • More than 38,000 people died in a gunshot in the year 2016.
  • Around 80,000 people survive gunshot almost every year.
  • Mass shooting frequently occur in the USA 
  • Three of the most deadly shooting have occurred in America in about12 months.
  • According to certain researches, an American woman is shot by her partner almost every 16 hours. 

3rd Paragraph:

This paragraph should contain a wide discussion over 

  • Why and how this topic has been brought into concern or notice along with a brief discussion over certain latest news articles.
  • How gun control and licensing shall impact society.

4th Paragraph:

This paragraph shall contain a detailed discussion over how control can benefit the society i.e. a brief discussion over the pros of gun control act.

  • It shall restrict mass shooting as for example most mass shooting in the US comes from legally purchase firearms.
  • An increase in violence can be curbed to a wider extent.
  • People who should be specifically prohibited from owning a gun still have access to firearms since it is legally bought with zero restriction.
  • This could reduce accidental injuries to a wider extent.

5th Paragraph:

This paragraph should essentially discuss the negative aspects or disadvantages of the gun control act. In this paragraph following points should be introduced and discussed thoroughly:

  • Gun control legalization shall increase black marketing. This will increase the number of illegal gun owners as people who want to own guns shall not be able to restrict this feeling and would move a step closer to illegal possession of these weapons through black marketing.
  • Few numbers of guns shall not restrict the crime to a greater extent as people who are bound to commit the crime would still continue doing that by using other weapons like a knife, sickle and even use homemade explosives.
  • According to researches, most gun-related deaths in the USA are suicides than homicides as most people choose to kill themselves with a gun which strictly points out to the fact that people should work on bringing better mental health than restricting the use of firearms.

6th paragraph-Conclusion and final thought:

This paragraph should finally summarise the entire essay with a personal review of the writer. However, this paragraph should not contain any extra data or any other additional information and should simply conclude.

Do not forget to proofread before you submit the article.

Don’t plagiarise content and use proper referencing: 

Copying thoughts or ideas has been considered as one of the easiest ways to complete any task. However, this has been strictly considered as a wrongful appropriation of work and has therefore been termed as cheating in the academic field.  You can always rephrase the paragraph and rewrite it according to your understanding. Also, if the writer has used certain references they must give them credits for the same by mentioning the name of the book, journal or website under the ‘reference’ heading after completion of the article.

Gun control has probably one of the most debated topics for so many years. Right from the existence of humankind, the accusation of weapon had been considered as one of the essential kits of survival as earlier, humans used them to hunt animals and then feed upon them. Later, weapons specifically like guns developed and they were strictly restricted in the hands of the ruling and the dominating class like the whites who used them to exploit and dominate the blacks who were their slaves. Today in the USA, civilians have free control and access to weapons which have created a lot and lots of bloodshed in the past few decades. However in countries like Canada, unlike America, the government allows very limited access to the firearms through a strict licensing and registration leading into prohibition or restriction of these firearms.

It has also been rightly said in the context of America that where we have the worst gun controls we have the highest crime reports. Guns have been an instrument of death and there should be no delay in the regulation to control them as delay shall only bring more death.

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