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Mortgage broking nowadays is becoming very popular because of the liaisoning work between a customer and a bank. This is due to the fact that each bank has its own rules and regulations and a lot of paper work to take care of while giving out loans. Banks also have the responsibility of checking a person’s financial background before offering him a loan. With such a long and tedious protocol to follow, many customers who want to get mortgage loan might find it very difficult to handle the situation. With lot of paper work to follow both by bank and by the customer, it can be very confusing and sometimes a customer can forget to attach some important documents. This can result in delay or non-approval of loan.

To avoid such problems mortgage broking today has evolved as a profession to help customers identify the right bank which can offer mortgage loans. For more professional outlook many universities have started offering special diploma courses in finance and mortgage management. Universities such as Kaplan, Holmesglen, National Finance Institute Australia, The Malka Group, Australis College, AAMC Training Group, etc have started offering diploma courses in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.

Subjects in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

The core subjects of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management include

  • Identification of Risk and Applying Risk Management Processes
  • Develop and Nurture Relationships with Clients, Other Professionals and Third Party Referrers
  • Preparation of Loan Application on Behalf of Finance or Mortgage Broking Clients
  • Providing Finance and Mortgage Broking Services
  • Presentation of Broking Options to Client
  • Identification and Development of Complex Broking Options for Client
  • Presentation of Broking Options to Client with Complex Needs
  • Implementation of Complex Loan Structures
  • Applying Principles of Professional Practice to Work in Financial Services Industry
  • Complying with Financial Services Legislation and Industry Codes of Practice
  • Development and maintenance of In-depth Knowledge of Products and Services used by an Organization or Sector
  • Settlement of Applications and Loan Arrangements in Finance and Mortgage Broking Industry and
  • Contribution to OHS Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, Processing Applications for Credit

These are the subjects in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management course. There is lot of practicality involved in these subjects and they have to be studied with professional outlook and help. In order to fully understand the subject, one has to delve into the practicalities involved in the subject.

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