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Tag - Java example

Java Program – Basic Date Formatting

Basic Date Formatting Let us see an example for Basic Date Formatting. package com.ack.j2se.date; import java.text.DateFormat; import java.text.SimpleDateFormat; import java.util.Calendar; import java.util.Date; public class BasicDateFormatting { public static void main( String[] args ) throws Exception { // get today's date Date today = Calendar.getInstance().getTime(); // create a short version date formatter DateFormat shortFormatter = SimpleDateFormat.getDateInstance( SimpleDateFormat.SHORT ); // create a long version date formatter DateFormat longFormatter = SimpleDateFormat.getDateInstance( SimpleDateFormat.LONG ); // create date time formatter, medium for day, long for time DateFormat mediumFormatter = SimpleDateFormat.getDateTimeInstance( SimpleDateFormat.MEDIUM, SimpleDateFormat.LONG ); // use the formatters to output the dates System.out.println( shortFormatter.format( today ) [...]

Java Programming – Finding Factorial

Java Factorial Example This Java Factorial Example shows how to calculate factorial of a given number using Java. public class NumberFactorial { public static void main(String[] args) { int number = 5; /* * Factorial of any number is !n. * For example, factorial of 4 is 4*3*2*1. */ int factorial = number; for(int i =(number - 1); i > 1; i--) { factorial = factorial * i; } System.out.println("Factorial of a number is " + factorial); } } Here in the code we can see that in the first few lines the definition for a [...]

Java Script With An Example:Creating a timing event in an infinite loop

Java Script With An Example:Creating a timing event in an infinite loop For more details on Java Script visit our websites at http://www.helpwithassignment.com/Java-Script-Programming-Assignment-Help and http://www.helpwiththesis.com

Java Assignment Help

Java is a programming language which appeared in 1995. It is very similar to its predecessors C and C++ although its not from the makers of C. Java was developed by Sun MicroSystems. It’s now very popular among most of the Programmers. The reason for the success of Java can be attributed to the fact that it is highly portable. This is one of the reasons for the success of Java. And also Java was launched with the slogan, [...]