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7 Best Paraphrasing Tool Every Student Should Know

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As Benjamin Franklin, America’s greatest statesman once said “There is much difference between imitating a man and counterfeiting him.” Plagiarism in today’s world has been one of the major concerns. The best solution to escape this wrong incorporation of work could be a paraphrasing tool. It has always been an easy task to steal and publish another author’s ideas, thoughts, views and language but it has been strictly termed as “wrongful appropriation” and violation of journalistic ethics.

It has always been noticed by many teachers that most of the work assignments and the holiday home works which are part of the academic course are mostly copied or appropriated wrongly from many online websites mostly Wikipedia without any references. According to the teachers, student poaches much content from internet and simply copies them without paraphrasing or understanding them. This has developed as a major concern as the entire purpose of “work assignment” is wasted.

paraphrasing tool online

Paraphrasing tools can be used to deal or to solve academic dishonesty.  It has also been considered as the best article rewriting or spinning tool which has been specifically made and designed to reproduce, revise and rework the words with its adequate and more relevant synonyms. This helps in making the work more firsthand, fresh and free from plagiarism.  Henceforth, it reduces and eliminates plagiarism. These tools can be the best solution to choose a different set of words.

Benefits of online paraphrasing tools:

  • Paraphrasing tools can be identified as a solution to painstaking process as students don’t need to find synonyms for almost all words which could be an exact replacement to the source words. Also, it is very essential that the meaning of the paragraph is retained. These things are effectively taken into consideration in order to recreate a new paragraph by the paraphrasing tools. The task of paraphrasing is simply made easy by just one click.
  • Real and perfect result can be achieved quickly in a very short duration; therefore it saves time.
  • These tools are very simple to use and quite affordable or cost effective in relation to other services also the results can be achieved in a short span.
  •  Students can get access to the best quality material in a very short period along with it sometimes it also provides paraphrasing services with proof-reading and editing services.
  • This also provides a full customer satisfaction to the users as it gives an easy way out to develop the most unique works or articles.
  • This also provides a live customer support all the time as you can hang on to these software almost anytime and anywhere.

Best paraphrasing tools which students can always refer to are as follows:

7 Best Online Paraphrasing Tools

The Best Spinner:

It is counted amongst the most unique article rewriter as it can rewrite any article precisely in a very unique manner with just a single click. As the name itself suggests it can spin and rewrite article and produce the highest quality article in a very short period of time. It is also easy-to-use article.

Spinner Chief:

The most unique factor about this software as you can work with it both on the web and also on the desktop. You can not only use this software on web/PC. This can also be further used on your android and apple phones and Ipad. Therefore it is very pocket friendly as with just one purchase you can use it both on your desktops and also on your mobile phones.

Content Professor:

This is an extravagant surprise in the space of article rewriting and spinning as you can produce a massive number of articles in just 30 seconds. With this blog your articles as much as around 50 articles can be rewritten in just 30 seconds. Therefore with this paraphrasing tool you can potentially flood your blogs or websites with a number of original or firsthand articles in a very short period of time.

Chimp Rewriter:

This is said to use the power of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) which permits us to search, comprehend and spin multiple contents in seconds. Therefore, one can create articles in multiple languages by just a click of a button.

Small SEO Tools:

This is a free paraphrasing tool which scans your article and replaces certain words with equivalent words i.e. synonyms and produce unique articles. Also, the replaced words are often highlighted which can help you revert back to the original text and to find other suggested words. We can also add up or choose our own words.


This helps in creating contents with your freedom of choice over what words the individual wants to choose to be rewritten. Spinbot does not require any signup or registration and is completely free of cost. It is also considered lightening fast therefore in no time one can create unique articles for your websites, feed and blogs.

Quick Article Spinner:

This can be used to produce unique articles from any article to escape the penalties of plagiarism. There is an easy availability of synonyms and you can also add upon your texts. This software can also replace the multiple occurring words.

Some of the other best known article rewriters or spinners are Plagiarism, Article Rewriter tool, Project Topic, Prepost SEO etc. You can therefore choose the best article paraphrasing tools according to your needs and demand to create something totally new out of it.

Henceforth, students should be made well aware of these a paraphrasing tool as plagiarism has been specifically undertaken as a serious academic offence or cheating.  Sometimes students go to great extends to hide sources they have been consulting. But, they must understand that proper referencing of the source material and paraphrasing shall only fetch them good grades. With advanced technology now every school and university has an access to plagiarism detection software which easily finds out copied texts. Thus, for students the best solution to escape the false imitation can be the effective use of the paraphrasing tools which recreates the work and produces the first hand copy with absolutely unique words. Therefore paraphrasing different paragraphs from different source shall only make the work more appealing and shall even raise marks. This tool has been rightly categorised as one of the greatest gifts to the students to escape wrongful incorporation of work.

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