Prolog Assignment Help

Prolog Assignment Help

Prolog is a computer programming language. Since its beginnings in 1970, Prolog has been chosen by many programmers for applications of symbolic computations, including:

Relational Databases; Mathematical Logic; Abstract problem solving; Understanding neutral language; Design automation; Symbolic equation solving; Biochemical structure analysis; Many areas of artificial intelligence.

Newcomers to Prolog find that the task of writing a Prolog program is not like specifying an algorithm in the same way as in a conventional programming language. Instead, the Prolog programmer asks more about which formal relationships and objects occur in the problem and which relationships are “true” about the desired solution. So, Prolog can be viewed as a descriptive language as well as a perspective one. The Prolog approach is more about describing known facts and relationships about a problem and less about prescribing the sequence of steps taken by a computer to solve a problem.

Prolog is a programming language that is used to solve problems related to objects and the relationship between the objects. The establishment of relationship between two objects gives rise to a number of problems.

This should not be confused with another popular programming concept called object-oriented programming. In object-oriented programming, an object is a data structure that can inherit fields and executable methods from a class hierarchy to which the object belongs. Although the origin of the concept can be traced back to the mid 1960s, it became very popular in the 80s and 90s with the introduction of C++ and Java, among other languages.

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