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Budget College Vacation Tips for Students

By HWA | Publish On: December 5, 2014 | Posted In:

Are you really confused about what to do during this winter vacation? And just for a change, you don’t want to go to your home and instead want to do something else. Perhaps, this time you and your friends plan for a small vacation. Yes, a vacation that absolutely fits in your budget.

There’s nothing more satisfying than going to a vacation with your friends for few days, right. For this winter, you could head south for a hot summer feel or you could simply find snowy mountains for skiing. Here’s a list of budget destinations for winter.

Here are some tips that can help you out during your vacation.

Plan ahead: Plan for your vacation in advance and do not plan it while you’re on the way. Of course, last minute plans can be adventurous, but this is real life and there can be real problems. So, better to plan ahead than to be sorry.

Plan your budget in advance: Apart from planning the trip, you also need to plan your budget accordingly. Have a budget plan in advance. Read about the places that you want to visit and also check about the cost of things around that place in advance so that you’ll not step in soup.

Look for cheaper hotels: Look for cheaper hotels than those expensive ones. You could also look for good motels. As you use the motel only for sleeping through the night, so it is better to look for a cheaper hotel or a motel.

Don’t use cabs too often: Using taxis too often to go around in the city can take a big toll on your pocket. Instead use buses. Buses can be lot cheaper than cabs. If you stay near to tourist attractions, then perhaps walking could be a good option. Look for bicycles on rent per day. It can save lot of money otherwise spent on taxis.

Don’t eat in expensive restaurants: Eat in expensive restaurants unless you’re a millionaire. Eat at fast food joints. If you don’t have a clue, ask the locals and try out new flavors and cuisines. If there is a chance to cook, then cook yourself. You can save good amount of money when you cook yourself.

Spend wisely: While touring the place, don’t spend money on souvenirs or collectibles. First thing, is that these souvenirs and collectibles are costly and secondly, you can’t find any possible use of it. So, don’t spend your money on such things.

Tourist attractions: Search for tourist attractions such as amusement parks, museums or any other tourist attractions on the internet before venturing out. Also, look at official websites of those tourist attractions and note the timings of the place. Some tourist attractions sometimes offer free tours for students. You need to ask the officials, if such a thing is available. If you’re going to a coastal area with sandy beaches, do spend your time on the beach, its absolutely free.

Hiking: Hiking can be a great experience with your friends. Look for places where you could go for a hiking trip. If you’re planning for a hiking trip, do carry the necessary tools for survival and don’t try those Bear Grylls things.

Look for inclusive packages: You can find inclusive packages and deals. Inclusive packages include both travel expenses and stay in the hotel. You can also include to and fro travel package along with the stay. This will save you lot of money and can also save your time. Go for low cost plans and also look for the features of the package as well.

Don’t carry too much cash: Don’t carry too much cash when you’re just touring the place. There are more con artists and muggers on the streets than you can imagine. So carry cash only when it is absolutely necessary.

With these tips, we hope that your winter vacation will be adventurous, awesome and a memorable experience. We wish you guys good luck in your vacation from

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