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11 Quick Tips to Write a Manifesto Along with Example and Template

By HWA | Publish On: January 6, 2020 | Posted In:

Writing a political manifesto is a critical part of your political science assignment. It also comes handy when you are running for an election in your college campus. Over the years, student manifestos have inspired many and it is absolutely essential that you write a convincing piece to score the maximum points. 

Manifestos or also known as candidate support statements need to be precise and motivating. A good manifesto should contain accurate details in simple English. Political manifesto writing experts in have immense experience in writing convincing manifestos, over the last two decades. 

Quick and Easy Tips for Writing Persuasive Political Manifesto

Check out the quick and easy tips of writing persuasive political manifestos:

political science manifesto


A long manifesto is doomed to fail. People would not read. Make it brief and to the point. Speak out, about your intentions, from the first sentence. 

Clear Language 

Use no complex jargons. That is a ground rule for writing killer manifestos. No reader will bother to Google the meaning of challenging words. 

Highlight Your Experience 

The manifesto is all about you. So, highlight the main part of your experience in your manifesto. Make it brief but appealing. Do not ever show a sign of weakness whilst writing your experience. 

Do Not Overdo 

Write your experience in a relatable manner. The readers need to find you as their true representative. And not a Godly figure. 

Make it Relatable 

Your readers need to be able to relate to you, as a person. Share your experience, with them, that can be understood by your readers. 

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Mention Your Goals 

This is the main part of your manifesto. You have to directly mention your goals once you are standing as a representative. The goals should be realistic and yet appealing. 

Motivating Tone 

The goals should be written in a motivating tone. The goals, mentioned in your manifesto, should reflect on the current scenario and should not be unrealistic. The readers should be able to foresee the goals in the near future. 

Do Not Talk About Your Opponents 

Remember, your manifesto will be about you and your achievements. Do not waste time and space by discussing the wrongdoings of your opponents. That is not an appealing trait of a manifesto. 

Discuss Your Skills 

Tell your potential voters what you can bring on the table. Tell them what you are good at and how that will be useful in fulfilling the goals. Mention relevant skills that can actually derive the promised results. 

Sound Inspiring 

Your manifesto should be able to inspire readers. Use words and phrases which will trigger their adrenaline and they will get motivated to support your cause. The manifesto should not beg for votes but ideally should portray the person as the only feasible alternative to support. 

Be Creative 

Designing your manifesto is very essential. People would not bother reading what you have written if the layout is not appealing enough. Make sure that you show your creative side to draw the attention of your target audience. However, do not overdo with the designing. Always remember that you are creating a political manifesto and not a party pamphlet. 

At we have the most talented group of manifesto writers who have experience of writing candidate statements for both students and politicians. 

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Template of an Ideal Student Manifesto 


Hello! I am _____________ from ____________________ and, this year, I am running for the position of ____________________ in the upcoming election. I have decided to run because of ………

My Experience and Skills: 

I have more than ______ years of experience as a ______________ and during that time I have acquired skills like ___________, _______________, and _____________. 

Moreover, I am also an expert _______________-. My exposure in the fields of _________ and _____________- will also come handy once I win the election. All these factors make me the ideal candidate for the election. 

My Plans Once I get Elected: 

If I am elected the first thing I will do is to restore the dying tradition of ____________________ in the _______________. Secondly, I will focus more on the issues of ____________ and _____________ as they have been neglected for a long time. Finally, I will fulfill my promise of making ___________ and ______________, so that people are no longer deprived of ___________. 

I think my actions will make a positive impact in ________________ due to the reasons like __________________________. 

Closing Statements: 

Thanks for taking the time to read my manifesto. If you have any queries feel free to contact me in the number given below. 

Example of a Student Manifesto 


Hey all, I am Sam Mendez from the Zoology Department of Stuttgart University and this year I am running for the position of the President of the Cultural Department of the university. I think the Cultural Department needs some fresh and young blood in it and I, as a fresher will fit right in. 

My Relevant Experience: 

You are in good hands. I have been the Cultural Head of both my Middle School and my High School and have substantial recommendations. Over the years, I have brought in many groundbreaking changes which has put my schools in the limelight of the intellectual social circle of Baden-Württemberg. After I took the office many established local brands including the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche has become regular sponsors of our social events making it possible to invite international stars from the United Kingdom and France. Moreover, I have a close connection with the event manager of Rosensteinpark which will certainly come handy whilst organizing events. 

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My Goals 

My goals are simple and yet strangely not yet persuaded by the current administrations. Firstly, I would like to introduce the English language monthly cultural magazine along with the German ones. This will help the ex-pat students feel like a part of the community. Secondly, I will organize two annual cultural events instead of one. Alongside the summer event, I think a social gathering before Christmas can really help in boosting the student moral. Finally, I will most certainly bring in more sponsorship from big German companies so that the talented student artists and musicians get their due rewards. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto. It is time to end the dull grey days of age-old cultural events and inject some real vibe in the overall university. 

Thank you

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