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Education Apps in Android for Students

By HWA | Publish On: June 9, 2014 | Posted In:

One of the best things about smartphones these days is that they have opened up whole new things for us to explore and increase our productivity. And students are not an exception. Earlier, a student with a gadget in hand was a sign of uselessness, but today, a student with a smartphone with productive apps is a positive sign that he or she is working hard to gain good scores.

Here are some very good android education apps for students.

  • Graph 89 – (with TI84 support): Graph 89 is an emulator android app with some of the very popular graphic calculators and scientific calculators such as TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84, TI89, TI89 Titanium, Voyage 200 calculators. You can easily switch between these calculators depending upon the calculation that want to do. You can also add other calculator programs in rom files. This is an easy to use app which is especially useful for students studying Statistics.
  • C4droid – C/C++ compiler & IDE: This is another easy-to-use android app for computer science and programming students. With this app, you can create and run your C and C++ programs and run them on the built-in compiler. You can export the same code into your PC and run it without any glitches.
  • Math Helper: How many times that you’ve felt that you need an android app that can solve your math problems, particularly algebra, calculus, probability, matrices and other advanced math topics? Here is your answer. Math Helper is that app which can help you in solving problems of algebra, calculus, probability, etc and others.
  • Rosetta Stone: Rosetta Stone is one of the leading online foreign language teaching companies. You can check more about Rosetta Stone here. They have their apps designed for Android, Apple and Amazon Kindle Fire as well. After paying the required fee amount, you can learn any language that you want.
  • NCLEX PN Mastery: NCLEX PN Mastery is an app which helps in preparing for NCLEX examination for practicing nurses. This app has built-in meticulous questions with rationales and pictures and also pharmacology related questions. The questions are numerous model questions based on previous NCLEX examinations. This paid android app is a must for those nurses who find it difficult to manage and take out time to study and prepare well for their NCLEX exam.
  • Periodic Table Educalabs: This periodic table from Educalabs is perhaps one of the best android apps ever. This is not just another periodic table app. With this app, it is easy to organize elements based on various categories such as groups, periods, blocks and electronic configuration as well. Not only that, you can look into each element with its properties and not only that, there is a 3-D model of that particular atom with electrons in each shell.
  • RealCalc Scientific Calculator: RealCalc is one of the easy-to-use and free scientific calculators on Google Play. It has numerous functionalities in the free-mode itself. However, the paid upgrade promises much more. One of the best gifts for science students who can conveniently use this app anytime, anywhere.
  • Financial Calculator: So, we’ve seen a scientific calculator app and what about a financial calculator for MBA students? Yes, we have a financial calculator app for our MBA friends. This financial calculator app has built in features such as time value of money, interest, net present value (NPV), future value of money, internal rate of return (IRR), amortization of loans, etc. An easy-to-use app for MBA and commerce students who often forget to carry their financial calculators to the class.
  • Electrodroid: Electrodroid is an easy to use app for electronics students. With this app, you can easily find color codes for resistors, calculate the voltage and current across circuits with different components, calculate capacitor charge, power dissipation, adjustable voltage regulator, battery life calculator, PCB trace width calculator, pin-outs, circuit schematics, logic gates and SI Units and much more. This is a must use app for not only electronics but also for electrical students.
  • EveryCircuit: EveryCircuit is another electronics and electrical utility app which is useful for those students who want to design or try different circuits. But, as we know, buying electronic circuits or each components can be hard and it can cost money, lot of it. Instead, design a simulated circuit on EveryCircuit and run it. Yes, you can simulate a circuit by adding or removing different components and check out whether or not the circuit works. If it works as per your calculations, then you can go ahead and work on the real thing. If the circuit doesn’t work, it let you know and you have to redesign the circuit. So, it not only helps you in designing the right circuits, but saves your time and money as well.
  • Evernote: Evernote is this notes app which has become very popular with students as well as with professionals. With an Evernote on your laptop, smartphone, iPad or tab you can sync all of those notes, to-do lists and reminders so that you won’t forget any of your tasks anytime. You only need to create notes, or to-do list, drop it in the cloud and forget. The reminder will pop-up automatically.
  • Blackboard: Blackboard is an easy app which helps you in keeping schedule with your courses. If your school or college has contracted with Blackboard, then you can keep track of your syllabi, ask questions in class discussions and can check your grades as well. All of this, on the go.

These are some of the best Android education apps for college and high school students which let you to perform better in your class and earn good grades. From, we wish all the students, all the very best. For more details, you can visit,

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