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Most Important Things to Carry to a College

By HWA | Publish On: February 7, 2011 | Posted In:

Often most college-going students face the issues of forgetting things that are very important. It is not that they forget it from the very beginning but, the chances of forgetting things is high during last minute preparations. There are certain things that are absolutely essential, especially when the student is going to share a room.

Most Important Things to Carry to a College

These personal things will come in handy in most of the day to day activities. Having couple of these things will make things easier. Often the things that we take for granted will help us in simple but time consuming situations.

  • First-aid kit: A First-aid kit is one of the most important things that one needs to carry. We’re not saying that people are going to get hurt, but if something goes wrong, then a first aid kit will come in handy. Make sure that all the medicines, ointments, anti-septic liquids or creams and bandages are not empty.
  • Power cables, Plugs and Adapters: Don’t forget to pack your power cables, plugs and adapters. Will help you charge mobile, ipod and other useful things. If you are a gadget-freak, then you would definitely want to carry them.
  • Flash or Thumb drive: A flash or a thumb drive can be your life saver. Carry it always just like your wallet. It help you transfer important stuff from your friends computer to yours when you are in dire need of it.
  • Laptop lock: As the dorm rooms are shared, there is a chance that your laptop might be stolen. Don’t let that happen. Instead put a lock on it so that nobody can steal it.
  • Bathroom shoes: Carry a pair of bathroom shoes or shower shoes along. You don’t want to use dirty and unclean shoes of someone else.
  • Sewing kit: The humble needle and thread can be your life saver in times when your torn clothes can be the cause for your embarrassment. Don’t let that happen to you.
  • A small tool kit: A small tool kit will come in handy in fixing things in your dorm room as well as adding or removing hardware to your computer. Don’t carry heavy professional tool kits. Carry simple but optimum tools in terms of space and efficiency.
  • Containers and Boxes: Containers/ boxes can help you store your things like your assignment papers, books, your personal stuff, etc. Dorm rooms lack space and don’t have many cupboards, so do carry two or three of them.
  • Incense Sticks or Room Fresheners: Carry 2-3 Incense Sticks packs or Room Fresheners with you as they are needed in dorm rooms because most of the times dorm rooms are dirty and stinky places, especially boys’ rooms compared to girls rooms.
  • Rain coat and an umbrella: A rain coat and an umbrella can be useful during the rains. Carry them along with you during rainy days. You can miss the college altogether and you can’t afford to get sick and miss some important classes.
  • Spare plates, spoons, forks or chop sticks: Spare plates and spoons will be of good use if you want to eat something in the room. Especially useful for those mid-night snacks and snacks between meals.
  • Stationery Items: Stationery things like papers, pencils, pens, erasers, paperclips, sticky notes, staplers, glue, whiteners and file folders will help you through your paper work and academic work in college smoothly.
  • Baskets and detergents: Baskets and detergents will come in handy while cleaning your clothes. Wash your clothes at least once every 10-12 days. These will come in handy while washing.
  • Soap, shampoo and razors: Carry your personal hygienic stuff like soaps, shampoos and razors along with you. It’s the question of personal hygiene and health.

These are generally the things that a student requires while staying in a dorm room. This might look like a big list of things to carry. But, carrying them before hand will help you avoid unnecessary issues.

From we wish all the very success to all the College and University students. For any academic assistance just visit our websites and

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