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5 Tips For College Note Taking

Note-taking is an important aspect to follow at University. You’ll be taught a lot of new knowledge. So you need to develop reliable mechanisms for recording and retrieving it when necessary. Note-taking is a learning process which helps you process and understand the information you receive. Pay Attention Most important strategy for note-taking is paying attention. Instead of searching [...]

5 Common Mistakes Every Student Makes In College

Every year lots of students take admission in colleges. Many will make basic mistakes which affect their college life. So here are some common mistakes which every student should avoid. 1.Cutting classes Most of the students think that they can skip some lectures and still perform well. Skipping classes will leave gaps in understanding the subject, which makes it hard to study while exams. 2. [...]

7 Scientific Tips For Exam Preparation

Preparing for exams is a stressful process for all the students. Knowing how to properly prepare for exams is the key to avoiding stress. As a student, there needs to be a uniform way to asses our performance. Here are some proven methods that will have you focused and better prepared for final exams. 1. Space it out Try the new learning technique called “spaced repetition” which invol [...]

7 Tips For College Students To Stay Motivated After Spring Break

Spring break -the marvelous getaway for college students has come to an end. Now it’s time to say goodbye to the beaches, sun tanning and relaxation and get back to the college. This is one of the most difficult times for many college students to stay motivated and keep working to the best of their abilities until they reach the end of the academic year. Here are some ways to stay motivated [...]

8 Easter Basket Ideas For College Students

Celebrations know no boundaries and this stands true in case of Easter. Easter is celebrated all across the globe with so much of joy. It’s the day when people bury their differences and rejoice together. Easter celebrations are not complete without Easter Baskets. People show their love for others through Easter baskets. If you want to surprise your beloved ones, here are some interesting i [...]

8 Tips To Handle Exam Stress

Exams are a crucial part of education and the source of stress for many students. It is important to approach them with a clear mind and an understanding of how to deal with stressful situations more broadly. Here are some tips to help you handle exam stress. 1. Start studying early Start studying as soon as your teacher announces the exam. Even before that, read over your notes after each cla [...]

7 Things To Learn From Einstein As A Student

People become great because they think greater and aim for the greatest. As a student, sometimes it will be very upsetting when things get tough. Motivating yourself from lives of some great people will make you reach your goal easily. Today is Albert Einstein’s birthday. Here are some things which you must learn from his life Make your brain work: Einstein's great breakthroughs came [...]

11 Interesting Facts About Pi

Pi, in mathematics, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The symbol for pi is π. The ratio is the same for all circles and is approximately 3.1416. It is of great importance in mathematics not only in the measurement of the circle but also in more advanced mathematics in connection with such topics as continued fractions, logarithms of imaginary numbers, and periodic functi [...]

11 Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for College Students

Everyone likes to do some special things on a special day for their special ones. Yes, this is the time to express your feelings, love and affection. Here are some fun filled crazy Valentine’s Day party ideas for all enthusiastic college students 11 Awesome Valentine Day Party Ideas Black Light party Fill a room with black lights and ask your friends to dress in an outfit which has more [...]

How to make a study schedule and score A+

An often asked question by every college and university student who wants to top in his or her class, is how to score an A+. While there is no standard answer for this question, yet one can score an A+ with the help of certain dos and don’ts. Tips for Scoring an A+ We’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts that can help you to an extent in succeeding in your college. These tips are about how [...]