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Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics is the study of relationship between heat and work with chemical reactions or with physical changes of state within the confines of the laws of thermodynamics. The subject involves the study of laboratory measurements of various thermodynamic properties and also the study of application of mathematical methods and calculations to the chemical equations. The subject of chemical Thermodynamics is based on the laws of thermodynamics. The study of laws of thermodynamics leads to the derivation of the [...]


Sales Promotion in Marketing Management

Sales Promotion  The term Sales Promotion means an action which increases the capacity of sales. In words of Bonne, E Louis and Kurtz, L. David, “it applies to assorted and non recurrent and somewhat extraordinary non-personal selling efforts”. Several authors have defined Sales Promotion as a non-personal selling and it is also known non-recurring promotional efforts. Sales Promotion in Marketing Management Related Objectives of Sales Promotion: It is a manager’s responsibility to specify the required promotion objectives and policies. Though Sales Promotion and [...]


Probability in Statistics

Probability in Statistics Probability is the study of random or unpredictable experiments, where it is helpful in investigating important features of random experiments. The origin of probability theory was based on the analysis of certain games of chance that was well known in 17th century. Many branches of science and engineering have found an extensive scope of application which makes probability as one of important studies. Sample Space and Events In probability theory, the set of all possible outcomes of an experiment, [...]


The Structure of Atoms and Subatomic Particles

The structure of Atoms and Subatomic Particles The study of chemistry begins with atoms, the basic building blocks of matter. Early theories of atom considered atoms to be invisible, but we know now that this idea is wrong. Elements differ from one another because of differences in the internal structure of their atoms. Under the right conditions, smaller particles within atoms – known as subatomic particles – can be removed or rearranged. The term atomic structure refers to the identity [...]


Product life Cycle Management

Product Life Cycle Product life Cycle Management makes it possible to instruct the whole lifespan of a product and information related with it. Effective product life cycle management enables companies to compete successfully in international and global markets. What is a product? It is usually believed that a product means tangible goods. The term goods refers to physical, tangible products that can be owned traded and distributed to different places at different times without changing their identity. A product however in this [...]


Understanding Periodic Table in Chemistry

Periodic Table in Chemistry The table in which the elements are arranged in the increasing order of their atomic number is called periodic table. The similar properties which recur after a regular interval are called the periodic properties. Several attempts were made to classify the elements so as to make their study simple and systematic. J.W. Dobereiner arranged the elements in the group of three called triads. According to this, the chemically similar elements were arranged in the increasing [...]


Classification and types of Matter

Classification and types of Matter in Chemistry Matter is anything that has mass and occupies space. It exists in three phases: solids, liquid and gas. A solid has a fixed shape and volume. A liquid has a fixed volume but is not rigid in shape, it takes the shape of the container. A gas has neither a fixed volume nor a rigid shape, it takes on both the volume and the shape of the container. Matter can be classified into two [...]


Understanding Blood Serum and Types of blood groups

Blood Serum and Types of Blood Groups Blood Serum is a component that is a watery fluid which has proteins and that breaks off when blood coagulates. It consists of plasma minus fibrinogen. Serum has nearly the same 55% of volume as plasma. The division of biological science is concerned with antigen and antibodies reactions in serum are called serology. Blood types are divided into 4 major groups are discussed and listed below: Human blood ABO groups were discovered by Karl Landsteiner [...]


Blood and its components

Blood Component Blood is the largest organ in an animal that flows through thousands of miles of arteries, veins and capillaries. As, these blood vessels carry blood to every other organ and keeping them functioning and to do well. Blood is a liquid that has connective tissues and consists of cells. Cells are surrounded by a matrix, which develops and has the ability to modify into other forms of connective tissue. On an average, a human adult has about 5 [...]


7 Ps of Services Marketing Mix

Services Marketing Mix Traditional marketing mix was developed by keeping in view the goals of marketing. This also may be adapted to services marketing. The use of traditional marketing mix in service organizations cannot satisfy themselves because as they are to stay at sub-optimal performance in marketing. Slightly adapting marketing labels cannot resolve the problems that are affiliated with the marketing of services. The four Ps (product, price, place & promotion) are said to be controllable variables of the traditional marketing [...]