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11 Best Ways to Make Your Essay Look Longer

By hwa_cognate | Publish On: December 14, 2021 | Posted In:
11 Best Ways to Make Your Essay Look Longer

The world of essay writing is really interesting if and only if you can master the very essence of formatting one the best way possible. But then in every essay there comes a point where you might just get stuck and lose out on information such that you might feel that it is not worth it to continue but need to fill in the pages in order to suffice the given criteria of the essay. Hence don’t worry, we got you covered as we have some of the interesting tips and tricks that you can use in order to elongate the overall structure of your essay and make it appear very long. Hence let us take an in-depth look into this domain and see how could one make an essay look longer. Let us get started. 

11 Different Ways Of Making An Essay Longer

There are very subtle tricks such that you might not even come to know as to whether or not it made any kind of difference. The various tips and tricks are given below. 

Make your heading look way bigger than normal

Simply try this as what it does is that it tends to take up more space than usual. Include all the information possible about yourself such as your address, phone number, twitter handle, social media handles, etc. such that it takes up more space and you can full in pages much quicker and need not write more words in the end. 

Leave like 2-3 lines and space it out 

Try to elongate your essay by spacing the words out properly as it makes sense to just leave couple of lines such that the pages are filled and you don’t have to write more about the topic. Mainly if the pages are filled, you don’t have to worry about the content that is being put inside the essay anyway.  

Fonts……fonts…. raise them up!!!

A major role player in the elongation of an essay are the fonts. Try to increase them as much as possible such that it shouldn’t look that big or that small as well. But keep it on the bigger side of the spectrum such that you don’t end up with awkward looking smaller fonts but have some good looking fonts that could make your essay look proper and fine. Most of the college essay tips revolve around this only.  

Enlarge the commas and pointers

What this does is that it tends to take up more space than the normal fonts used for words. It’s a technique that college essay tips come sunder and thus can elevate the overall pages that you would have to fill in the easiest of ways. Other than this, the larger use of commas and pointers, the greater the filling up of pages and higher is the page count and word count of the essay as well.  

Add spaces and super bolded titles 

Adding spaces after every title makes it really easy for the essay too long all by itself. It’s a technique that is used by many writers to elongate their essays and also give it a more professional look. Needless to say, that using this method ensures that the title is given more importance and everything else can be spaced out accordingly.  

Use different styles of fonts

Don’t keep using only one kind of font as it might take up very less space and then you might end up writing more which nobody wants to do. Hence use multiple fonts for the essay such that it can be spaced out properly and also get another excuse as to why there might be lesser word count but looks aesthetically appealing in the end.

Start being descriptive about things

The things that you want to explain need not be explained directly. But then try to take a longer route when you want to explain anything. Try to include as much information as possible such that you can increase the overall word density in the essay and also make it look like you might have done some or the other kind of research that does bring in some of the other kind of grades in the end.  

Start using quotes

Usage of quotes can actually add depth and bring out the true elegance of the essay and put light on the topic that you trying to explain. Not only this but then usage of quotes can elevate the overall meaning of the essay and also give the essay some sort of meaning that could make sense in the end.  

Say bye-bye to pronouns

Try to limit the usage of pronouns as much as possible as explaining everything in detail is something that you should know how to do when you write any kind of essay. It makes sense when you are trying to elongate the essay, so include all the names of the people and try to make it as big as possible. 

Addition of margins

The addition of margins creates the overall size of the page to be reduced from the sides such that the text that you might enter fills up the page really quick to make your essay look big with the least amount of words. 

Make as many paragraphs as possible

Creation of paragraphs can make the essay look much more vibrant and create the feeling of something very important has been written. Also it can help you to skip lines and fill in pages in a faster way. 

Hence the above-given ones were couple of way through which one could try to make their essay longer. Well, some may work and others might backfire, but when used in the right circumstances. It proves to be fruitful and gets the job done. Hence try to use them wisely and all the best. 

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