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How to Write an Assignment: A Step-by-step Guide

By hwa_cognate | Publish On: May 3, 2022 | Posted In:
How to Write an Assignment: A Step-by-step Guide

After entering college, the most daunting task you come across is writing assignment. To write a good assignment, you have to start early and give yourself enough time to plan and do proper research. Also you need to write and revise your assignment so that you don’t rush to meet your deadline. The key to write a good assignment is to writing down something on paper which you visualise and later you can improve it.

Here are steps on how to write assignment

  1. Plan
  2. Analyse the question
  3. Draft an outline
  4. Find information
  5. Write
  6. Edit and proofread


To be focused on your assignment and stay on track, you have to plan your assignment.

  • Know how much your assignment is worth and the percentage of the final marks. By knowing this you can decide how much time to spend on it.
  • Know about the marking schedule to see what your professor is looking for when they mark your work and how the marks are assigned.
  • Spend some time on thinking how to complete your assignment mainly on what research, reference checking, writing drafts, reviewing and editing.
  • Assign a deadline for each of these tasks so that you can finish your assignment before the due date.

Analyse the question

The successful way to answer a question is to understand and analyse the question properly. First read it carefully and try to understand what is expected of you.

Tips to analyse:

  • Find words which tell you what to do.
  • Check meanings of the words used.
  • Search for topic words that tell you what you need to write about.
  • Search for restricting words that limit the topic and make it more specific.

If you are unable to figure out what the assignment needs, you can take assistance of an expert through online Assignment Help service.

Draft an outline:

For any assignment, having an outline will give you a structure to follow.

Introduction: Here you introduce the topic and main points and then briefly explain the purpose of the assignment.

Discussion: Divide this section into paragraphs and decide what points you want to discuss.

Conclusion: In the end, briefly restate your main argument. In addition to that evaluate your ideas and summarize your conclusions.

Find information:

Before writing an assignment, you need to find relevant and reliable information first. After gathering information, the next step is to evaluate it to ensure it is correct for your assignment.


  1. After all the needed information is gathered, bring it altogether and start writing your assignment.
  2. Using your outline, compose your first draft.
  3. Don’t worry about being 100% right and write freely.
  4. Stating with conclusion will be easy because you will have an idea of where you are heading.
  5. Writing an introduction is hard, so write it at the end.
  6. Revise your draft and exclude things which don’t make sense.
  7. Take a day gap, read it and fine tune again.
  8. Add bibliography or references.

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Edit and proofread:

After finishing your assignment, improve it by editing and proofreading. Don’t forget to take small breaks as it gives a fresh eye to look at your assignment.

  • Things to keep in mind:
  1. Did you answer the question you set?
  2. Is the structure correct?
  3. Check whether you have included all relevant parts.
  4. Check for readability of the assignment.
  5. Check overall presentation of the assignment.
  6. Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  7. Number your pages.

One last thing to do is to print it out which will make it easy to spot errors.

For more tips on editing and proofreading visit: The Writing Center: North Carolina University

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