Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for College Students

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for College Students

Valentine’s Day can be one of the very special days during college life. it is also perhaps one of the most awaited days during this time. Many students would wait for this day to present their gifts to their ‘special someones’.

On Valentine ’s Day there are two options for most people. One is to buy a very good gift and the other is to go for a handmade gift. Well, not all students could afford to buy an expensive gift due to budget constraints. So, the best thing is to hand make a gift.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for college students

Here’s a list of handmade Valentine’s Day gifts for college students.

Hand-made paper flowers: While presenting flowers on Valentine’s Day can be a very good idea, during this time flowers can be so expensive and these flowers would most probably be dead in few days. Instead, you could opt for paper flowers. These paper flowers can be homemade and they can last for a very long time. Hand making these flowers will also show how much you care for the person.

Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
Paper Flower Gift – Valentines Day Gift Ideas


Send out a mail: Yes, send a mail to your partner wishing him or her the best wishes for this Valentine’s Day. These days, everything has gone digital and so does mails (e-mails). Instead of sending an email, send a mail through the good ol’ US Postal Service. Well, no one expects to receive an important mail from US Post these days, right. So, sending a Valentine message through US Post is actually a good idea.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas Mail
Send a Mail –

Source: Web Pro

Make your own Picture Frame: Presenting a handmade picture frame is a good idea. You can cherish those picture perfect memories for years to come, in that perfect picture frame that you’ve made. And its also very easy to make a good picture frame with the things lying around in your room. All you need are, a cardboard sheet, some decorative things, a clear plastic sheet for protection and you’re done.

Valentines Day gift ideas Button-Frame
Picture Frame – Valentines Day gift ideas

Source: Go

Photo Frames from twigs:  Photo frame made from twigs is another model that you can try. All you need are uniformly sized and shaped twigs, a sheet of cardboard for support. First cut out some space out of cardboard for the photograph to fit it. Then, on the outer edges, glue those twigs. Before going ahead and gluing them, make sure that you’ve cut the twigs to the right size.

Valentines day gift ideas twig frame
Twig Frame –

Source: Log

Walnut Gift Package: A simple walnut can be a great surprise at times, particularly during Valentine’s Day. You could pack in a small message or anything else into the walnut, provided it’s smaller than walnut. All you got to do is to crack open a walnut carefully, remove the stuff inside, scrape the partition inside, make it as smooth as possible and place your gift inside it. You could make a locket out of the walnut with your partner’s photo and your photo glued to the either side in the walnut.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas Walnut gift package
Walnut gift – Valentines Day Gift Ideas


You are One In a MINION: Those cute characters in the move Despicable Me have become very close to our hearts. Why not create Valentine’s Day gift with Minion theme. You have a minion themes at your disposal. Here’s what you could try. Take a print out of a cute little minion’s picture and write beside it, “You Are One In a Minion!”

Valentines Day Gift Ideas one in a minion
One in a minion –


Book iPad Case: You could buy an iPad case, virtually anywhere, but the feeling of a handmade iPad case for your partner’s iPad can be exciting and the same time shows how much you care. Hand making an iPad case can really take some time and skill. You could instead opt for a simple way which reduces the time and effort and the end result can also be good. You could opt for a book case for iPad. Take the measurements of the iPad and search for a large book in which the iPad can fit perfectly. Now, mark the exact place where you want to place the iPad inside the book and hollow out those pages. After the hollowing out is completed, you could do another thing. For extra protection, you could add two sets of purse magnets to the book so that the cover sticks to the book all the time.

Valentines Day gift ideas Ipad Book Case
Ipad book – Valentines Day gift ideas

Source: Design

Sing a love song: This might sound crazy to you, but trust me, it will be a very special gift that you can give to someone. Singing a song for someone special is a great way of showing care. It also goes on to show that you are ready to shed your fears and do something bold. Record a favorite love song of your partner and send it across in a DVD. If you want to make it special, you can ask your friends to add chorus to your song and shoot the video on your phone.

Valentines Day gift ideas Teens singing
Teens singing –

Source: Slo

Prepare a special dinner: This can be a good idea and it also saves money on those expensive restaurant dinners. And it can be hard to reserve a table in a restaurant because of Valentine’s Day rush. So, you could prepare some special dishes which both you and your partner love to have.

Valentines Day gift ideas Dinner at home
A Special Dinner – Valentines Day gift ideas

Source: L’ Aurberge

Make a Silent Movie: Remember those old silent movies of early 1920s. You could do the same thing with the videos of you and your partner. If you happen to have such videos, make a copy of the video, add in some enhancers that you find movie-editing softwares such as black and white retro look, muting the video and adding sub-titles or those good ol’ cards that conveyed the message. Make sure that the content in those cards is humorous and funny.

Valentines Day gift ideas Retro style
Retro style –

Source: Daily

These are some of the ideas for this year’s Valentine ’s Day.

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