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Back to School for Kids

By HWA | Publish On: August 13, 2010 | Posted In:

Finally, the summer is over and its time for school. Most of the kids are excited and some are sad that the summer is over. Some of the kids might be nervous about the first day at school. Some kids might have their schools changed due to relocation and others due to some other reasons. The reason be anything, when a kid joins a new school he or she is very much nervous about certain things like, how new people will respond, how the teachers at the new school are going to be like, will the school be very strict, what might be the rules in the school, etc. These are the things which can keep the kids nervous for some time.

Kids who haven’t changed will be a little happy if not nervous to go to school. They are happy because, they’ll be meeting their friends after a gap of two months.

Teachers will start the usual talk of how the New Year would be like as far as the subject goes.
New teachers might just introduce themselves to the class and ask the students for formal introduction of them. And some teachers might have given summer homework for students. So, it is time for the students to explain to the class, what have they done during the summer.

For students as they have come to a higher grade, their responsibility has definitely increased. Students will be informed their responsibilities and it is expected that they adhere to those rules and be responsible. It’s better that student’s note down the rules they are told so that they will not forget them.

Kids, don’t forget to take your essentials. Put your essentials in your bag the last night, so that you avoid all kinds of rush during early morning. Be prepared with all the things that you need to carry along with you to school.

When meeting new people, be the first one to start the conversation. This way you’ll make new friends and also do not forget about your old friends.

Remember, school is not a place for homework and punishment, it’s also a place for fun. So, have lot of fun at school and study well and get good grades.

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