Understanding Mathcad

Understanding Mathcad


Mathcad is software which has been designed specifically for the purpose of solving engineering calculations. It is a primarily used for verifying, validating, documenting and re-using engineering calculations. This software is useful for both students as well as professionals belonging to various engineering backgrounds such as civil engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, IT or software engineering.

The interface of Mathcad is very similar to Microsoft Excel. Mathcad software has been meticulously designed to perform live calculations. The solution changes dynamically as and when the values entered above are changed. Thus, it is very useful in calculating various permutations and combinations which are essential in engineering, as slight changes in calculations have to be taken into consideration.

Understanding Mathcad

Some of the broad features of Mathcad include :-

Symbolic calculation: Symbols are basic to mathematics and Mathcad incorporates a wide range of symbols and formulas. With these symbols and formulas one can easily search and control variables.

Solve blocks: Solve blocks is one of the features of Mathcad. It is used in solving guess values. This feature is helpful in solving algebra equations and also points the values on graph.

Advanced plotting: Mathcad uses an advanced plotting method. 3D view of plotting is available in Mathcad. 3D view has been incorporated into Mathcad as it allows for better viewing and understanding of data and results. With 3D view, even little variations in the data can be viewed and interpreted. This can be very useful in estimating discrepancies in several engineering works.

Easy Excel synchronization: Mathcad provides easy synchronization with Microsoft Excel. One easily synchronize data from Excel and perform calculations. In essence, easy portability and no mess in porting data from Excel sheets, reduces time and effort.

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