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The Step-by-step Research Process for Nursing Students

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Graduate and under-graduate nursing students, all across the globe, need to write proper research reports in order to obtain good grades. It is essential that your nursing assignment report is to the point and covers all the essential aspects of a well-structured nursing research. Students pursuing nursing degrees need to adopt scientific approaches in gathering and analyzing information surrounding their research topic. 

Considering the importance of an empirical medical intervention report it is essential that the nursing students belonging to various top-notch universities, should write their nursing research report with much care and dedication. However, it is not always easy for a student to conduct all the research and follow all the steps on his/her own. 

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6 Best Tips for Writing Nursing Research Homework

Identification of Topic

Identification of the topic is the most essential part of your nursing research assignment. You have to ascertain which particular problem or health factor which you need to research on. Make sure that your research topic is neither too broad nor not too narrow. For instance, if you are studying the health impact of exposure to smoking or drug abuse you need to define a specific demographic in terms of geography and the age group of your target population. 

If you make your topic too narrow like for instance impact of exposure to smoking or drug abuse on young adults of Michigan then you will not find enough empirical evidence to support your research. On the other hand, if you keep it too broad and vague then your research will lose direction. So in this stage of the nursing research you need to find out the specific keywords which essentially describe your topic of interest. 

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Find Background Information 

Once you have identified your main topic of your research and the keywords associated with the topic you need to gather some background information in order to start with your evaluation of the subject. Gathering and reading the background information will allow you to have a thorough understanding of the subject and also at the same time it will help you realize how you can structure your entire nursing research report. Scholarly journal reviews, articles, and books are very good sources for conducting background research and you will find plenty of them in the online library of your university. 

Apart from that, the likes of Google Scholar, PubMed, and other medical journal databases will offer you much more substantial research materials to structure your research on. You can get access to many other research materials by studying the bibliography section of some of the research reports you find via your keywords. This gradual process will help you gather more and more relevant materials based on which you can conduct a thorough literature review. 

Review the Literature 

Once you gather the background information in the form of medical journals, books, and articles, it is important that you evaluate them and select the few which are accurately relevant to your research topics. For instance, if you are studying the impact of early year exposure to drug and alcohol then you need to find similar studies from the online sources and analyze them to draw a conclusion about the current state of affairs as far as your research topic is concerned. Review of the literature will allow to understand what all have been done as far as your specific nursing topic is concerned and also at the same time it will help you analyze their findings thereby giving you an estimation of how you might conduct your research. 

Develop Research Question 

The planning phase for any nursing research is the most extensive phase where you identify your topic, finding background information, review the literature and finally develop a research question or a hypothesis for your study. The primary research question will provide you the foundation for your entire research. For instance, according to the above stated example, the central question or hypothesis can be “does early year exposure to alcohol or drug causes hyper-tension in young adults of America?” 

Data Collection and Evaluation 

Based on the nature of your nursing research study you need to collect data and analyze them. If it is an evidence-based research then in that case you need to find out adequate empirical data in order to support or reject your hypothesis. Data collection and evaluation is one of the most critical stages of your nursing research assignment as with the help of these findings you can conclude you final report. 

Analyzing Final Results

The final step of a nursing research report is analyzing the collected data and drawing conclusions based on that. This section is all about determining whether or not the analyzed information support or denies your research question and hypothesis. You need to write your conclusions clearly so that it helps the other students of nursing to understand the implications and findings of your nursing research. 

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