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Top 10 MBA Colleges in the US

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Top 10 MBA Colleges in the US

After completing their Bachelor’s Degree and after writing competitive exams for various colleges and Universities, most students would be confused as to which university should they be choosing for their MBA. Well, there are thumb rules that you can use.

One of the things is to search online. While searching online, one can find that there are numerous colleges and universities offering MBA. This often confuses students to such an extent that most of the time they end up more confused than they initially were. But, when you search using the right and the best tools, there are more chances that you’ll find the right college or University that can offer you the best MBA degree.

Top MBA Colleges and Universities in the US include

Stanford: Stanford University is one of the top universities in the United States. It is a pioneer in research and teaching institutions not only in the US but also in the whole world. The MBA program it offers is one of the best and top rated MBA programs, according to Forbes 2013.

Chicago Booth: University of Chicago Booth School of Business is second only to Stanford and next to none. Professors and alumni of Chicago Booth have a history of winning Nobel Prize in Economics since 1990.

Harvard: Harvard Business School is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. Harvard Business School was established in 1908, but the university itself is more than 375 years old, making it one of the oldest universities in America. Harvard offers dual degrees.

Pennsylvania Wharton: Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business is also one of the oldest business schools in the world. Next to Harvard, Pennsylvania Wharton also offers dual degrees and joint programs with John Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies and Harvard’s Kennedy School as well.

North-western Kellogg: Kellogg School of Business Management was founded in 1908, Kellogg has been known for producing business leaders with good moral character. Kellogg offers executive, full time and part time programs and has partnered with countries such as China, France, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, Canada and Thailand. It is a pioneer in popularizing the importance of team work and team leadership in business world.

Dartmouth Tuck: One of the six Ivy League Business Schools, Tuck School of Business was founded in 1900. Tuck School of Business has gained a reputation of being one of the top schools for consulting. About 45% of Tuck grads went into consulting. Tuck is also known for stressing on teamwork.

Columbia Business School: Columbia Business School of Columbia University in New York was established in 1916. It is one of the Ivy League Business Schools. A Columbia Business School graduate can expect a minimum salary of $100,000 and according to one estimate, 90% of billionaires with MBAs graduated from Harvard Business School, The Wharton School of Business and Columbia Business School.

Duke: Duke Fuqua School of Business was established in 1969. As of 2011, full time MBA grads from Duke Fuqua School of Business have achieved the 12th highest average salary. Duke has partnership with Seoul National University and a one year Master of Management Studies program at Kunchan, China.

Johnson Cornell: Johnson Business School at Cornell University is one of the Ivy League business school and has been ranked consistently as one of the top business schools in the world. Johnson Business School is known for its intensive programs, real world business immersions.

Michigan Ross: Ross School of Business at Michigan University was founded in 1924. Ross School of Business offers BBA, MBA and Executive Education programs. According to BusinessWeek and the Wall Street Journal, Ross School of Business is ranked among the top five in 2006. QS Global 200 Business Schools Report ranked Ross at 9th position for the best Business School in North America in 2010.

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