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Tips on Writing a Good Speech

By HWA | Publish On: January 12, 2011 | Posted In:

Good Speech Writing Tips

Speech writing is one of the important activities that students have to go through. Speech delivering has been used in the curriculum so that students will be more confident in addressing a group of people. Stage fear is one of the fears that students can overcome only by facing it. Otherwise, this fear will remain for a long time.

Tips on Writing a Good Speech

Now let us discuss some points on how to write a speech.

A speech should contain an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Please ensure that the introduction is not more than 3-4 sentences. Limit the body to 7-8 sentences and the conclusion can be about 2-3 sentences.

Begin the speech with the introduction of who you are the topic that you will be speaking about and the purpose of the speech. The purpose of the speech is very important.

The body can be broken down into points for the sake of ease of delivery. If you are going for a points instead of a paragraph please ensure that the most important point is discussed first and the rest of the points follow.

A good writer must write with the final takers kept in mind. In this case, it is the listeners, about whom one must think. Think from the viewpoint of the listeners and write. Do not write something that can offend the listeners.

Check for the length of the sentences and the tone of your language. Lengthy sentences can make the listeners lose interest and the tone of the language can sometimes offend them. Choice of words is an important aspect that one should be careful at.

Try keeping the speech simple and brief and also informative at the same time. This is a tough job, but one must balance it because of the time being allotted to each student.

Support you views and ideas by providing statistical evidence, facts, examples, quotations and a pinch of humor to ease the environment.

The conclusion should contain the advantages in brief, your views as the writer, recommendations if necessary. This is about the conclusion part. The conclusion part should also include the main purpose. This will leave the listeners with a good impression.

A good speech is not just about a well-written script in hand and reading it out loud but a good interaction with the listeners. The listeners will like the subject when the speaker is in an interactive mode, asking questions and giving answers to the listeners, thereby making the speech more interesting.

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