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Tips on how to do well in Exams

By HWA | Publish On: July 22, 2010 | Posted In:

How to do well in Exams 

Exams are the final hurdle every year that students have to cross. Every student has a fear for exams. Not only weak and average students, but also toppers have a lot of fear. Of course, weak students fear whether they would pass or not and toppers fear what will be their score in the exams. Here are some handy tips that can help you gain good scores.

Tips on how to do well in Exams

  1. Prepare a timetable: Preparing a timetable and studying accordingly can help you concentrate your attention on all the subjects. You can divide your time according to your preference. If you already have a timetable then reschedule it to accommodate hardest chapters first and the easiest chapters last.
  2. Avoid all unnecessary activities: Avoid all the unnecessary activities during your study hour. For better results, switch off your mobiles, computers and other devices. Avoid that chit chat and text messaging for some time.
  3. Start reading everyday: Start reading everyday when the school or college starts. 11th hour stress will make you forget things which you know for sure. Don’t study at the last moment. Instead, refer to which you already have studied.
  4. Note important things: Don’t forget to note down important points that you come across while studying. Noting them down will let you remember them well and you can also refer to them when you need.
  5. Learn point-by-point: Instead of trying to learn a huge answer, try breaking the answer in to points, make a keyword out of each point and make a sentence out of those keywords. This way you can remember huge answers. Remember, we were taught how to remember the nine planets back in school days. “My Very Efficient Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets”.
  6. Don’t just read, practice it: Studying practical subjects like mathematics, statistics and finance will yield nothing. Don’t read the steps, there is a huge possibility that you can forget the steps involved. But, you’ll remember those steps only when you practice them a lot.
  7. Don’t overdo yourself: Try not to stress out yourself. Avoid waking all night and trying to study. Studying in the early hours of morning is so refreshing and you’ll remember most things you’ve studied.
  8. Avoid heavy food: Avoid heavy and oily food as that will induce sleep. Try food which is light and then start studying. Try vegetarian for a change.

These are some tips that can help you prepare well for your exams. Hope, you guys do well and get good scores in your exams. Wishing you all the best from and Teams.

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