Concept of PNSA or Perioperative Nurse Surgeon Assistant

Concept of PNSA or Perioperative Nurse Surgeon Assistant

Perioperative Nurse Surgeon Assistant

PNSA role stands for Perioperative Nurse Surgeon Assistant. Nurses play an important role in health care centers. In various cases they also look after the patient by providing direct care and prescribed medication by the doctor. Usually nurses’ work in shift basis, as the working hours can be increased depending on the position that they hold. A nurse who assists a surgeon in an operating room is known as perioperative nurse or operating nurse. Here, these perioperative nurses hold a responsibility of operating room’s activities such as, organizing, planning, directing and coordinating. Nurses who registered can specialize in patient care specialties according to their personal preference and job requirement. Only the registered perioperative nurse can assist a surgeon in operating room.

Preioperative nurses are also capable of working as circulator nurses and scrub nurses. A circulator nurse purely assists the surgeon by providing nursing care to the patient inside the operating room. Patient’s condition in an operating room is always being checked out before, during and after the operation by a circulator nurse to ensure the best outcome. UAP, Licensed vocational or Licensed Practice nurse may not be appointed for the role of the circulator nurse.

A scrub nurse, who provides assistance to the surgeon in sterile area such as tray within sterile towel and gloves, surgical instruments, sponges etc. Usually all the surgeon team members wear surgical gowns, caps, eyewear, gloves and scrubbed their hands and arms with disinfected soap. This sterile field can be delegated to UAP (Unlicensed Assistive Personnel), LVP or LPN.

The job of a nurse is not only to take care of patients must be able to handle other hospital units and should be capable of working with patient’s families etc. A perioperative nurse job can be divided into three parts such as,

The pre-operative: In the pre-operative part a nurse should be able to explain the operation procedure to the patient’s family. And must apply the proper medication along with anesthesia etc to get ready for the operation.

The Surgery: In a surgery a preioperative nurse should play the role of both circulator and scrub nurse to provide the total assistance in surgery.

The post-operative: After the surgery, a nurse assists or helps the patient in his/her total recovery.

The role of the perioperative nurse is purely required in the hospital surgical departments. Working as perioperative nurse, one can also become a RN (Registered Nurse) first assistant. Later on one can also become a clinical educator, medical sales professional or a consultant. Perioperative nurses have a chance of becoming nurse anesthetist with the help of higher education and advanced training.

Today nursing field has many opportunities in hospitals, health care centers, physician’s offices, surgery unit, ambulatory surgery and clinics etc.

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