51 Best Topics for Political Science Dissertation

51 Best Topics for Political Science Dissertation

Writing dissertations is always a challenge. It is time-consuming and yet you have to give it your all. The dissertation carries a lot of weight in your course grades. That is why from topic selection to write-up, you need to be accurate in every step. 

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We tend to guide the students in topic selection and assist them in scoring the maximum possible grades in their politics dissertation write-ups. In the meantime browse through the various topics for top graded politics thesis and political science dissertation

51 Best Topics for Political Science Thesis and Political Science Dissertation

  1. Evaluating the Impact of Social Media in the Political Sphere 
  2. Analyze the connection between social media adverts and change in opinion of the mass 
  3. Understanding the importance of ethical morality in case of political advertisements on social media
  4. Determining the importance of gender diversity in the United States congress
  5. Understanding the role of news media during election.
  6. Is media-biasness becoming an accepted norm amongst the voters? 
  7. Evaluating the impact of exit-poll results on the mindset of the voters. 
  8. Understanding the ways of increasing turnover on Election Day 
  9. Impact  of poll predictions prior to election day on the mindset of the voters
  10. Is it possible for the voters to differentiate between true and false information in a political advertisement? 
  11. Is social media political propaganda taking-over traditional media political advertisements? 
  12. Is immigration a real threat in the political scenario of the United States?
  13. Evaluating the political steps necessary for ensuring an immigration-friendly government. 
  14. Relative importance of immigration regulation in the overall political system. 
  15. The gradual evolution of the election campaign in respect to the changing taste and preferences of the voters. 
  16. Determining the relation of political change and the foreign policy of the United States. 
  17. How does the foreign policy of Australia alter with the change of political power?
  18. Understanding the intrinsic difference between the Canadian and United States political system
  19. Evaluating the political changes aimed at curbing lower-level corruption in a country. 
  20. Understanding the role of the Labour Party of the UK in the current scenario. 
  21. Determining the political shift of the United Kingdom, post-Brexit. 
  22. Evaluating the importance of a Republican Government in the United States in order to sustain a post-Brexit Britain. 
  23. Will the Democratic Party of the United States negatively impact UK’s post-Brexit plans?
  24. Understanding the impact of Brexit in the overall immigration policy of Britain.
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  25. Determining the role of the Conservative Party of the UK in getting the proper Brexit deal from the EU. 
  26. Understanding the fate of the European Union after Brexit. 
  27. How did the Brexit campaign impact the overall foreign policy of the United Kingdom?
  28. Understanding the complexity of the local government election in rural England. 
  29. What are the major factors that are being considered during a mayoral election in the United Kingdom?
  30. Determining the existing conflict between the councilors and the mayor in certain cities of England. 
  31. How has the Labour Government shaped the overall culture of London in the past 10 years?
  32. Understanding the intrinsic difference between the British and Australian political system
  33. How critical is Scotland’s position in post-Brexit Britain?
  34. Does Scotland pose a legitimate threat to the post-Brexit plans of the Conservative Government of the United Kingdom? 
  35. How important it is for the country-level Government to understand the importance of climate control?
  36. Understanding the impact of local-level climate control initiatives in the United Kingdom. 
  37. Is climate-control going to be the next big political agenda in the upcoming election of the United States?
  38. What are the biggest threats to the post-Brexit foreign policy of the United Kingdom?
  39. What are the biggest threats to the post-Brexit foreign policy of the European Union?
  40. Evaluating Australia’s foreign policy in the Oceania region
  41. Understanding the role and the power of the speaker in the House of Commons in the United Kingdom. 
  42. Determining the role of introducing one official language in the context of the United States. 
  43. Understanding the pros and cons of enforcing one official language in a country like the United States. 
  44. Determining the success of democracy in the past 20 years in the Western World
  45. The ethicality of the Government’s actions of censoring the internet. 
  46. Evaluating the role of the Conservative Government of the United Kingdom in eradicating the housing problem in the cities. 
  47. The relative importance of including the agenda of ending homelessness in a leftwing political manifesto 
  48. Understanding the rising trend of legalizing same-sex marriage in both the Eastern and Western worlds. 
  49. How relevant religion still is in the political battles of the United States? 
  50. A comparative analysis between ideology versus competence in the Western political system
  51. Studying the transition of the Italian political system from polarized to moderate pluralism. 

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