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How to write Marketing Assignment

Marketing is one of the crucial subjects in the study of Business Administration. And it is also one of the important processes in a business. Without marketing any business can come to a halt. It’s a strategic and creative process as the department is given the opportunity and freedom to explore paths taken by none. The main objective of marketing is not selling a product or a service, but sust [...]

Essentials of Online Tutoring

Our lives have become much easier, thanks to the internet. We are virtually travelling around the world today without stepping out of our homes. The internet has revolutionized our lives to such an extent that anything, anything we want today, we first refer to that thing over the internet and try to look what it is before ever taking a leap. The internet as medium is used to offer us many service [...]

Porters Five Force Model

Porters Five force Model - - YouTube Porter’s Five Force Model or Five Force Analysis is an analysis that helps in analyzing competition in an industry and business strategy development. Porter’s Five Force Model uses industrial organization economics. Porter’s five force model is based on the assumption that a firm in an industry is subject to forces within the ind [...]

Principles of Accounting

Accountancy is the art of communicating information of financial nature about a business entity like a sole proprietorship, partnership, company (Pvt. Ltd as well as Ltd) to the owners like sole proprietor, partners and shareholders respectively. The reports or statements contain information about the financial ‘health’ of the concern. The American Institute of Certified Public Accounts defin [...]

Chicago Referencing Style

Chicago Referencing The Chicago Referencing Style has two major documentation systems. One is the humanities style and the other is the author-date system. These two styles are used in different contexts depending upon the subject-matter and the nature of the study and the sources cited. These two systems are favored by different groups of scholars. Chicago Referencing Style As the name sugge [...]

Harvard Style of Referencing

One of the basic responsibilities of a student is to write assignments. And while writing these assignments or dissertations students have to take many things into account. One of those things is, acknowledging the author whose quotations or ideas you have taken. The most accepted way of acknowledging the source of your inspiration is by using a referencing system. Why do we need to use a referen [...]

Secret to writing a Good Dissertation Proposal

Writing a Good Dissertation Proposal [...]

MLA Referencing Style

Referencing Style MLA Referencing style is one of the most popular style formats. It’s a standard guide for graduate students, scholars and professional writers. It is often found in the US, Canada and other countries providing guidelines for writing and documentation of research in the subjects of Humanities, especially in English studies. It stands for Modern Language Association of America. [...]

Changes in 2010 Sixth Edition – APA Format

APA Format American Psychological Association (APA) has released the latest edition of the APA Referencing Style Guide 2010 in their Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. It was updated on 21st of December 2009. As we all know APA Referencing Style is the choice of many writers, editors, students and educators in the social and behavior al sciences. It offers guidance on c [...]