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Classification of Traction

Classification of Traction: Insights from nursing experts @ HwA  Traction is static in position that provides a form of immobilization. Traction can be continuous and intermittent. Continuous traction is maintained all time for example, traction on an unrepaired fracture. Intermittent traction means it is either applied for short periods of time and for example, intermittent cervical traction [...]

Java Script Example: Creating a Timing event in an infinite loop with a stop button

Java Script Example: Creating a Timing event in an infinite loop with a stop button [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="346"] Java script example -[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="350"] Java script example[/caption] For more details on Java Script visit our websites at [...]

Java Script Example: Creating a Clock with a Timing Event

Java Script Example: Creating a Clock with a Timing Event For more details on Java Script visit our websites at and [...]

Java Script : An Introduction

Introduction to Java Script: Tips from HwA experts Java Script is one of the most pervasive languages found on the internet and World Wide Web. Java Script is useful in making web pages more interactive. The pages can be made to react to the actions of the users in the form of special effects, both visual and otherwise. Java Script began as a joint effort between Netscape Communications Corporat [...]

Types of Security Policies

Types of Security Policies The policies for information security must come from all corners of an organization which includes the general staff. These policies are the basis for all information security planning, design and deployment. These policies should be able to provide a direction on how the issues should be handled and what are the best technologies to be used. These policies will direct [...]

Information Security Principles

Information Security Principles A general definition of security is to being in the state of security – to be free from any kind of danger. In other words, security is protection against adversaries – from those who would harm, intentionally or otherwise. Today, we can observe the concept of security in almost every place. The most common forms of security is a unilayered or unifaceted system [...]

Mergers & Acquisitions in Finance

Mergers  & Acquisitions Mergers and Acquisitions are important events in today’s business scenario. It is the phenomenon of either two or more companies coming together to form into one bigger organization or buyout of one company by another. These are business transactions in nature involving payment for each unit of stock. A merger is a consolidation of two or more companies into one, [...]

Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management Working Capital is yet another important short-term concept. Working Capital, as the name suggests is that capital which is required to run the day to day activities of a firm. These include the day to day operations such as buying of raw materials, maintenance of stock, producing the goods and selling these products. Net working capital = current assets – current li [...]

Dividend Policy in Financial Management

Learn Dividend Policy Dividends are those earnings which are distributed among stockholders of a company. These earnings are paid either in cash or in stock, generally on a quarterly basis and may be paid only out of retained earnings, not from invested capital. Dividends are only paid when the company’s profitability can support this payout. The more and regular the company’s profitability [...]

Understanding Skin and its functions

Skin and its functions Understanding Skin and its functions Skin Skin is the largest single organ in the body, which serves three major functions such as, to protect the body in the environment, to regulate the temperature of the body and to transmit information from the environment to the brain. There are numerous protective functions of the skin. Over 70% of the body is composed of water. [...]