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Profitability of a firm

Profitability of a firm: Insights from HwA team experts When a business is started, an investment is made into the firm in areas such as machinery, land, inventory and other assets. By investing in these assets, the business wants to produce a value, a product or a service to sell it to the end users for a profit. When we look at the financial side of the business and its activities, we can understand that the assets of the firm [...]


Electromagnetism Tips

Electromagnetism: Tips & Information from HwA experts Electromagnetism is one of the fundamental phenomenon in nature. It is responsible for almost all the phenomena in our daily life. Electromagnetism spans both electric fields and magnetic fields. When observed individually, electricity and magnetism behave differently and when unified, we can observe that both are interdependent on each other and they cannot be separated from each other. In order to fully understand Electromagnetism, we have to look at the four laws that govern [...]


International Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship can be defined as a process where in opportunities that were not explored earlier are explored are identified and exploited as part of a business process. Entrepreneurship has a great role to play in the development of business organizations. Most of the successful business organizations today were established because the visionaries could observe a potential which other were not able to perceive. Those visions have given rise to what is called as great business opportunities that they have [...]


Constructivism: Perspectives from HwA experts

Constructivism Constructivism is a learning theory that perceives that people acquire knowledge through their experiences, interaction with the outside world and their ideas of the world around them. The theory got wider appreciation through the work of Jean Piaget in the early 20th century. Hence, he is considered as the founder of Constructivism. The theory of Constructivism is a part of epistemology which is a branch of philosophy which deals with how knowledge is acquired. The theory has helped in developing [...]


Classification of Traction

Classification of Traction: Insights from nursing experts @ HwA  Traction is static in position that provides a form of immobilization. Traction can be continuous and intermittent. Continuous traction is maintained all time for example, traction on an unrepaired fracture. Intermittent traction means it is either applied for short periods of time and for example, intermittent cervical traction or the traction which can be released for short periods of time. Traction is used as running or balanced suspension traction. Running traction can be [...]


Java Script : An Introduction

Introduction to Java Script: Tips from HwA experts Java Script is one of the most pervasive languages found on the internet and World Wide Web. Java Script is useful in making web pages more interactive. The pages can be made to react to the actions of the users in the form of special effects, both visual and otherwise. Java Script began as a joint effort between Netscape Communications Corporation and Sun Microsystems beginning in the year 1995. Java Script is an [...]


Types of Security Policies

Types of Security Policies The policies for information security must come from all corners of an organization which includes the general staff. These policies are the basis for all information security planning, design and deployment. These policies should be able to provide a direction on how the issues should be handled and what are the best technologies to be used. These policies will direct how a particular software or equipment should work. This specific information is placed in the standards, [...]


Information Security Principles

Information Security Principles A general definition of security is to being in the state of security – to be free from any kind of danger. In other words, security is protection against adversaries – from those who would harm, intentionally or otherwise. Today, we can observe the concept of security in almost every place. The most common forms of security is a unilayered or unifaceted system. But in case of organizations or the nation as such, resort to a multilayered [...]