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Online Tutoring Vs Conventional Tutoring

By HWA | Publish On: March 18, 2010 | Posted In:

Online Vs Conventional Tutoring

Online and conventional tutoring centers implement many of the same methods to teach students, but there are some distinct differences between the two.

Parents have started to notice the many benefits associated with online math and reading tutoring services. Both conventional and online tutoring offers children academic help, but the online method is increasing in popularity. Here’s why.

Online tutoring, much like conventional tutoring, helps a student complete difficult assignments, and is geared toward improving grades. This method, however, allows your kids to master their studies from the convenience of home, making it more convenient for both children and parents who have a busy schedule.

As today Internet is one of children’s favorite activities, online tutoring services are easy to be incorporated in a child’s daily routine.
One of the main reasons for the success of online tutoring services is that each child is given individual attention, compared to the conventional methods of teaching where a bunch of children are taught. In a conventional class, the children are often afraid of raising a doubt. They don’t want to raise a question because of the fear of mockery. But, in a virtual classroom children raise and clear their doubts.

Home-Based Learning

Enabling your student to work from home not only eliminates the burden of traveling to a learning center, but it also provides a parent peace of mind: online tutoring means no unfamiliar environments or strange people coming into your home.
Working from home, as many modern parents might know, is hard to get used to. Home is, well, home to many distractions, especially for a child, and it’s easy to let your child slip from his or her schedule if no change in environment is required. Online tutoring (versus other computer-driven tutoring programs) encourages students to develop more of a sense of discipline when working at home by providing them with live, online teachers that work with them over the internet on a tight schedule-usually during after-school hours. This means that a skipped lesson won’t go unnoticed like it would if your student was working with a software program for math or reading.

A Personal Touch

These live, online teachers as well as their programs are different from the teachers and programs that your student might encounter through a school tutor or an online tutorial. The teacher that your child is working with will be trained and qualified for his or her position, meaning no high school students or teacher’s aides. The program they create for your child will be structured around the results from a diagnostic test all students take prior to beginning online tutoring. This means that your child will be working on lessons created to meet their independent needs and learning styles, which are more like the proven lessons they’d encounter at a tutoring center.

Staying Connected

Most online tutoring programs offer parent conferences to discuss the specifics of the progress a student is making. Some private tutors offer this benefit, and programs that don’t involve a live tutor don’t have the capacity to explain the work your child is completing. In this way, online tutoring strives to keep a pupil’s parents involved. For additional peace of mind, some online tutors also offer the
same guaranteed results that one might find at their tutoring center counterparts.

The Bottom Line

Discipline, commitment, and the inclusion of parents are all factors that are worked into the overlying theme of convenience that online tutoring manages to maintain. It’s after you absorb the benefits and relevance of online tutoring that you have to consider the price you’ll pay. Compared to private tutors, online tutoring seems like a bargain starting at around $30 an hour, but software programs and online tutorials that allow your student to work independently may charge a subscriber or licensing fee. Depending on the amount of help that your child needs and the amount of time and money that you’re willing to spend to get them proven assistance, online tutoring may or may not exist as an option among private tutors, online homework help sites, after-school programs, and software programs.
provides seamless online tuitions in sessions of 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 120 minutes covering a variety of subjects. The specialty of HWA online tuitions are:

• Conducted by experts in the subject taught
• Tutors selected after rigorous assessment and training
• Tutoring sessions follow a pre-decided structure based on instructional design best practices
• State-of-the art technology used
With a whiteboard, document sharing facility, video and audio conferencing as well as chat support HWA’s one-on-one tuitions have a large following. Several thousand hours of tuitions have already been delivered to the satisfaction of customers.

In short, HWA’s online tuitions are seamless, personalized and convenient.

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