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Top 201 Unique Topics for Informative Speech

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An informative speech is which provides information about a specific subject to a number of audiences. The speech duration is 1 to 10 minute. It must be contain some specific information which help the audience understand and make them attracted and interested in the listening.

The purpose of informative speech is to inform, to persuade, to entertain.

The main important factor of an informative speech is what to say in the speech or how to choose the topic?

  • You can’t choose any subject which is very sensational or highly anticipated yet you didn’t have any proper knowledge about it.
  • You need to choose something that match with your interests, something more relevant with current time and atmosphere.
  • You can choose something that relates to your personal the experience.
  • Be very careful about the facts related with the topic. Any errors can destroy your creditability.

The second main important factor is how to make an outline of the chosen topic.

  • The first and foremost part of drawing an outline for the speech is you have to start with a greeting.
  • Present your thesis statement.
  • Establish your creditability without any error and full knowledge.
  • Preview your main points.
  • After the speech got over try for an interactive session.informative speech topics

201 Best Informative Speech Ideas

informative speech topics

  • Go Green Save Earth
  • Consequences of Urban Run-off
  • Water crisis in third world country
  • Kerala flood; man made or natural?
  • Flood in urban cities
  • Titli not a butterfly but a cyclone
  • Missing alert; tropical rain forest
  • How human activities are causes landslide?
  • Florence nightingale referred ‘ lady with the lamp’ ; hurricane ‘Florence’ destroy all the lamps
  • Alternative source of energy how useful in today’s world
  • Recycling how does it important
  • Organic fertilizers or chemical fertilizer – what should a farmer choose?
  • Can computer replace teachers?
  • Effect of technological devices on education
  • Email etiquette
  • Smartphones or books which are more relevant in education?
  • How students need to manage in limited budget in campus?
  • Is library culture becomes extinct?
  • How to get best grade?
  • While choosing your career what to follow your heart or mind?
  • Traditional learning or contemporary learning?
  • How to get best learning options on online?
  • Is our past shaped our future path?
  • Statue of unity in India; was that really necessary?
  • MeToo movement – how it is necessary in current circumstances?
  • Current migration issue in worldwide panorama
  • How to improve our electoral system?
  • The growth of democracy ; past, present and future
  • Terrorism why it is still growing?
  • NRC issue in Assam
  • Isis crisis
  • Nuclear power is that necessary?
  • Today’s app based transport is better than the past?
  • Reincarnation – real or reel?
  • Love a myth or a lie
  • Dating site – trust it or avoid it?
  • Section 377 – why it takes so long to welcome it?
  • Reservation system in education
  • ATM mishap
  • Demonetization is it works for “acche din”?
  • Social networking site make us unsocial?
  • How to fight depression?
  • Biological warfare and consequences
  • Is Digital marketing taking places of traditional marketing?
  • Should actors promote the brands that include health hazards?
  • Cinema with social message or full entertainment?
  • Book a person’s best friend
  • How does formal education needs in a career in showbiz?
  • All that glitters are not gold
  • Paparazzi invasion is that too much?
  • Obesity among young people
  • How much time you should spend on gym?
  • Gym or yoga
  • Perks of being an early riser
  • Should everybody need to follow vegan diet?
  • Abortion should it be legalized in some country?
  • How to became a good parent
  • Capital punishment – abolish it?
  • Why “rape” is increasing in India?
  • Women equality
  • Single parenting is effective in raising children?
  • Importance of sports
  • Messi or Ronaldo who is greatest of them?
  • Bull fighting – should it be banned?
  • Is film are necessary to promote sports in India?
  • Importance of promoting women sports
  • Moral policing how it is necessary?
  • Love marriage or arrange marriage
  • Can web series replace cinema?
  • Popularity of web series
  • Nepotism in business world
  • Athletics and its importance
  • Parent child relationship
  • Can a parent become friends?
  • Relatives – positive or negatives in family?
  • Online shopping or offline shopping
  • Domestic violence
  • Effects of divorce in children
  • Increasing crimes in today’s world
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Triple talaq
  • Justice a blind folded myth or reality
  • Facebook or fake- book
  • Sanitary napkins made tax free or not
  • Juvenile crime how to stop it
  • Hunger issue in third world country
  • What are best pet
  • Can a pet help you to get over from depression?
  • Depression – should we need to get vocal about it?
  • How to fight depression
  • Mental health is as important as physical health
  • Visiting a psychiatrist still a taboo?
  • Why gen x are more commitment phobic?
  • Same sex marriage – your views
  • What to look for a new car
  • The benefits of planning
  • Financial planning how it is importance
  • Work culture in office
  • Self-employment or services
  • The importance of multi-tasking
  • Importance of incentives in employee’s performance
  • Equal pay balance for male and female employee
  • Like maternity leave should we introduce paternity leave?
  • Work from home – is it helpful?
  • The best sale tactics in an organization
  • The important factor of a successful brand
  • Work etiquettes
  • Can colleagues becomes friends
  • How to deal with your boss mood?
  • If your boss a female – how to deal with it?
  • Can you date your boss?
  • How to negotiate in a meeting?
  • The importance of marketing research
  • Importance of education in economy
  • Importance of taxation
  • Hypnotism – a misconception
  • The pros and cons of technology
  • Should teachers and students be friends on social media?
  • Punctuality how does it important?
  • Trust – a license to lie?
  • Red colour of love or sign of danger?
  • Good terrorist and bad terrorist
  • Racism when we get over from it?
  • Is tolerance is same as love?
  • Domestic violence against men
  • A daughter is a princess until her father is present
  • Importance of family
  • Behind every successful person there is his /her family
  • How to recognize stock market trend
  • How to control use of credit card?
  • How to control bulge shopping
  • Safety of internet banking
  • Use of plastic money
  • How to save money
  • Physical education in school
  • Basics of financial aids
  • The best investment strategies
  • How to deal with money problems
  • Is drinking in office party reflects your social status?
  • The evolving history of our currency
  • The current debacle of Indian rupee in global market.
  • International relation with bordering countries
  • How to woo a man through his stomach?
  • Best gift a person could ask for
  • Valentine’s day a gimmick or tradition
  • Fashion styles and etiquette at party’s
  • The best city planning practices
  • Freedom of speech
  • Journalism a weapon of public hand
  • Are mobile camera replacing normal camera?
  • Is clicking selfie becoming a viral disease?
  • Are you feared of being a ‘FOMO’?
  • Can money buy happiness?
  • The importance of proper stretching before a work out?
  • Is morning fresh air really fresh?
  • The ‘ green – corridor’ in organ donation
  • Virtual world is how far from reality?
  • Why insomnia is growing in teenager?
  • The effects of fast food in a child’s diet?
  • The reason why stress and depression taken seriously?
  • .Love. . laughter – the mantra of a good living
  • Benefits of eco-friendly environment
  • The history of high heels
  • How to help refugees
  • Can the new democracy bring stability to Pakistan?
  • One child policy – how does it important?
  • The effects of dowry system in India?
  • Polygamy still exists?
  • Why Africa is underdeveloped?
  • Why English is considered a global language?
  • The silk route – can everything be like just in the past?
  • The importance of writing?
  • The benefits of watching less TV?
  • The best sitcoms
  • Should we stop using social media?
  • The effects of misleading advertisement
  • How music help to calm our mind
  • Top 5 apps that are useful for study help
  • Top 5 website that provide study help
  • Wild life conservation
  • The ten actors who plays James bond
  • Hip hop or Sufi music what gen x preferred?
  • The branches of military
  • The importance of air force
  • The truth of Rafale deal
  • The benefits of showing gratitude
  • Difference between empathy and sympathy
  • The meaning of dreams
  • Why do people lie?
  • Your brain falls in love , your heart does not
  • Your action determines your future
  • How to improve communication skill
  • The difference between extrovert and introvert
  • Over confidence is the main factor of your failure
  • The difference between boundaries and limits
  • The importance of sarcasm in daily life
  • The importance of humor
  • How to be happy being single
  • Secrets to resolving conflicts
  • All students wear school uniform
  • Why I’m optimistic about our nation’s future

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